iPhone Users in Chandigarh Will Not be Able to Book Parking Space in Advance | Here’s Why?

What if you can reserve a parking space before leaving your house? As per the report, the smart parking system was to be implemented in Chandigarh soon, but due to some issues the system was delayed and it is still looking to see the light of the day.

It has been reported that the app named iparksmart will run only on Android-based mobile phones. Currently, the app is only available on the android play store and hence only android users will be able to use it on their phones. The app has not been made available on the iOS system and consequently, the iPhone users will not be able to use the smart parking app on their iPhones. It is being speculated that the app may soon be launched for the app store.

App trial started, iPhone users can not use the app to book parking space in advance 

As per the report, UT Administrator and Governor Punjab, VP Singh Badnore, will be launching the app in Chandigarh next week. The app is currently not available on the iOS-based phones – iPhone, but it is likely that it will soon be available for the iOS platform.

After downloading the app on Android mobile phone, the user can book parking space for his/her vehicle before visiting the market or place that has been marked as ‘Paid Parking’.  Once the parking area is booked over the app, it will be reserved for the visitor in advance.

Even if the parking is full and the user has already booked it over the app, the designated space will be reserved and the user will get space to park his/her car. It has been reported that 25 parked parking lots in Chandigarh have been added to this app that is currently not available for iPhone users. Surprisingly, the company has invested a sum of Rs. two crore, for the development and smooth functioning of the app.

Here’s how you can book your parking space in advance?

Officials of the Arya Infra Company have assured that the iPhone users will also be able to use the facility to book parking space for their vehicle soon. While showing concern over the unavailability of the app for iPhone users, the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh had raised a question to the company as to why the app is not available for iPhone users. In their reply, the company stated that the software is being updated and it will be available on the iOS platform soon. The MCC (Municipal Corporation Chandigarh) has mentioned that about 80 per cent of the residents in Chandigarh have Android mobile phones and by the time the pilot project will be implemented, iOS compatible app will be available for the users.

Source: Amar Ujala


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