JW Marroitt Chandigarh Celebrate’s Women’s Day in a Unique Way

International Women’s Day is celebrated to appreciate womanhood and equal rights and status for women, but is often mistaken as a day that belongs exclusively to women. As much as it is a day for women, it equally belongs to all the men who advocate for their mothers, wives, daughters, and – perhaps more importantly – their female associates. The day belongs to everyone who is committed to achieving gender parity in and outside the workplace.

As a mark of respect to the essence of womanhood, on this International Women’s Day, JW Marriott Chandigarh undertook multiple initiatives that promoted the message of gender equality. At the same time, it pampered its women patrons through innovative offerings.  On March 8, JW Marriott Chandigarh celebrated International Women’s Day through heart-warming gestures like:

  • Wear Pink! for the men folk as a mark of admiration,
  • Social Snap #BeBoldForChange!
  • Make a Pledge!

Pampering its women patrons, JW Marriott Chandigarh hosted an ‘Elevated Brunch’ at The Café@JW, the all-day dining restaurant at JW Marriott Chandigarh, which included select speciality dishes from celebrity female Chefs.

“The essence of womanhood is best explained by the word nurturer. Being a woman is a privilege as it empowers one to nurture life. Be it a mother who nurtures a child, a homemaker who nurtures her family or the CEO who nurtures a company, it is this ability to nurture which sets women apart. Saluting womanhood, we shared our feeling of admiration and respect for women with our women patrons by hosting an elevated brunch and other heart-warming gestures,” said Mr Dilpreet Singh Bindra, General Manager, JW Marriott Chandigarh.

As a tribute to women, the Chefs at the hotel incorporated select speciality dishes of celebrity female Chefs in the buffet menu of the ‘Elevated Brunch’ to offer an elevated dining experience. Welcoming the guests with special detox drinks, the chefs laid out a sumptuous buffet of gastronomical delicacies for the guests to savour.

Meanwhile throughout the day, hotel employees actively participated in the initiatives ‘Wear Pink!’, ‘Social Snap- #BeBoldForChange!’ and Make a Pledge!’ The hotel also invited its patrons to be a part of these initiatives which promoted gender parity.

As part of ‘Wear Pink!’, men included the colour pink, commonly associated with women, in their outfit or simply as an accessory (like a tie or a headband), giving out the message that  ‘real men wear pink’! ‘Social Snap- #BeBoldForChange!’ invited employees to gather with along their colleagues and take a photo together and post the group pictures on their social media accounts using the two hashtags: #BeBoldForChange and #MarriottWIL. For ‘Make a Pledge!’, the hotel invited employees t0 take a stand against gender inequality.

A champion of gender equality and inclusion, JW Marriott Chandigarh holds women in highest regard and considers them to be equal to men. This reflects in its policies with women occupying key positions in the organizational hierarchy. For instance, Ms Ranjana Pal currently holds the key office of Director of Human Resources at JW Marriott Chandigarh.

It is a widely acknowledged fact that women epitomize a readiness to learn and evolve. Catering to this inclination, JW Marriott Chandigarh organized a ‘special limited-seat cooking workshop’ for select guests, which was conducted by Chef Alessio Banchero, the Italian Expat Chef at the hotel. Held at Oregano, the fine dining Italian restaurant and bar at the hotel, the workshop pampered the prized women patrons of the hotel with an exclusive opportunity to enhance their knowledge of Italian palate by learning from none other than Chef Alessio Banchero, one of the best and most seasoned chefs in the industry.

At the ‘special limited-seat cooking workshop’ which was held before the brunch, Chef Alessio taught select women patrons how to nurture recipes with love and passion, attributes associated with Italy, so as to perfectly conjure some of the finest Italian specialities.


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