Kids Turning Suicidal in Chandigarh | Police Warns Parents of Blue Whale Game Challenge

Chandigarh Police is continuously warning parents of Blue Whale Game and has accounted 14 new kids who are playing this suicidal game. Originated in Russia, Blue Whale has now travelled to Chandigarh haunting the lives of innocent kids. Recently, after the suicide of a teenager [10th class student], Chandigarh Police and the cyber cell has been on the lookout to avoid such cases. With the help of school administration where a teenage boy committed suicide, Chandigarh Police has found 14 kids who were trapped in the Blue Whale Challenge.

Although the Blue Whale Challenge is not an easy link to find on the Internet, still there have been 14 kids who stumbled upon the link to this deadly game in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh Police Warn Parents of the Deadly Blue Whale Game 

The warning has been passed to all the parents in Chandigarh regarding this deadly Blue Whale Challenge game alongside the school authorities. It has been notified that there might be a deceitful admin of Blue Whale out there trapping the kids in Chandigarh in the Blue Whale Challenge. Irrespective to the rumors, kids who are playing the game are not at all depressed and are influenced to play the game over the false promises of becoming happier.

Chandigarh Police has warned parents and the school authorities to keep an eye on the siblings of the kids who admitted to being playing the blue whale challenge.

What If You Find Someone Playing This Blue Whale Challenge? 

In the case where parents find their kids grooved into playing this vicious game, they are requested to confiscate the mobile phones of their kids immediately and submit it to the nearest police station without turning it off.

Remember – If you Find someone indulged in playing Blue Whale Challenge, Grab their Mobile Phones and submit it to the nearest Police station immediately without switching it off.

Chandigarh Police is continuously requesting everyone to keep a watch over your loved ones to avoid any mishaps occurring due to Blue Whale Challenge especially onto the teenage population of Chandigarh as it has been observed that they are being targeted.

Source – TOI


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