List of Government (Model, Primary, Sr. Sec) Schools in Chandigarh with Fee Structure

Government schools in Chandigarh are preferred by many. In fact, if we talk about 11th and 12th class admissions, some government schools of Chandigarh have high cut off and it is hard to get admission in the top schools.

People of Chandigarh are aware enough about the necessity of a quality education in society and is also known for its high literacy rates. Chandigarh authorities are central to make this thought, a well-grounded reality. Chandigarh Administration is considerate enough so as to manage at least one school in each sector with more than one in a few sectors. Here is a list of 100+ government schools which are looked after by the education department in Chandigarh.

Government Schools in Chandigarh

Before we go on to the government schools in Chandigarh, here’s what some abbreviations mean.

  • GMSSS- Government Model Senior Secondary School- Model Senior Secondary Schools go upto classes XI and XII.
  • GSSS- Government Senior Secondary School- These schools go upto classes XI & XII also.
  • GMHS- Government Model High School- These schools go upto class IX & X.
  • GHS- Government High School- These schools also go upto classes IX & X.
  • GMMS- Government Model Middle School- These schools go upto class VIII.
  • GMS- Government Middle School- These schools also go upto class VIII.
  • GPS- Government Primary School- These schools go upto class V.


GMSSS, Sector-8B

GMSSS, Sector-10

GMSSS, Sector-15

GMSSS, Sector-16

GGMSSS, Sector-18C

GMSSS, Sector-19C

GGMSSS, Sector-20B

GMSSS, Sector-20

GMSSS, Sector-21

GMSSS, Sector-22A

GMSSS, Sector-23A

GGMSSS, Sector-23A

GMSSS, Sector-26 TM

GMSSS, Sector-27C

GMSSS, Sector-28D

GMSSS, Sector-32C

GMSSS, Sector-33

GMSSS, Sector-35D

GMSSS, Sector-37B

GMSSS, Sector-37D

GMSSS, Sector-38 W

GMSSS, Sector-40B

GMSSS, Sector-44

GMSSS, Sector-46

GMSSS, Sector-47

GMSSS, Sector-56

GMSSS, Manimajra

GMSSS, Karsan

GMSSS, Maloya

GMSSS, Sarangpur

GSSS, Sector-45

GSSS, Dhanas

GSSS, Manimajra town

GSSS, Kaimbwala

GSSS, Mauli Jagran

GSSS, Raipur Khurd

GSSS, Khuda Lahora

GSSS, Behlana

GSSS, Khudda Ali Sher

GMHS, Sector-12

GMHS, Sector-20D

GMHS, Sector-22C

GMHS, Sector-25

GMHS, Sector-26 PL

GMHS, Sector-28C

GMHS, Sector-29A

GMHS, Sector-31

GMHS, Sector-34C

GMHS, Sector-36D

GMHS, Sector-37C

GMHS, Sector-38D

GMHS, Sector-39C

GMHS, Sector-41 Badheri

GMHS, Sector-42B

GMHS, Sector-43

GMHS, Manimajra

GMHS, Dhanas

GMHS, Khudda Jassu

GMHS, Vikas Nagar Mauli Jagran

GMHS, 38 W

GHS, Sector-7C

GHS, Sector-11

GHS, Sector-19C

GHS, Sector-24

GHS, Sector-25

GHS, Sector-29B

GHS, Sector-30A

GHS, Sector-32D

GHS, Sector-35D

GHS, Sector-38B

GHS, Sector-40A

GHS, Sector-41A

GHS, Sector-46

GHS, Sector-47

GHS, Sector-50

GHS, Sector-52

GHS, Sector-53

GHS, Sector-54

GHS, Dadu Majra

GHS, Kajehri

GHS, Karsan

GHS, Hallomajra

GHS, Maloya Colony

GHS, Mauli Colony

GHS, Daria

GHS, Colony No. 4

GHS, Sarangpur

GMMS, Sector-23

GMMS, Sector-45

GMS- BD 26

GMS, Sector-33B

GMS, Sector-46

GMS, Palsora Colony

GMS, Burail

GMS, Raipur Kalan

GMS, Indira Colony

GMS, Kishangarh

GMS, Pocket No. 10, Manimajra

Governement Middle School, Pocket No. 6, Manimajra

GMS, Makhanmajra

GPS, Sector-12, P.G.I.

GPS- Sector 26 TM

GPS, Buterla

GPS, Railway Colony

GPS, Mauli Complex

GPS-I, Manimajra

GPS, Manimajra II

Fee Structure:-

Till class VIII, no fee is charged for any student.

For classes 9th and 10th, fee structure can be referred to by following this link –

For classes XI & XII, fee structure can be referred to by following this link-

The difference between model schools and other government schools in Chandigarh lie in the education plans and standards that are decided by Government of India.

Model school is a scheme that uses an interplay of technology into education. Model schools tend to be on a higher side in terms of infrastructure, curriculum & school governance.

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