Chandigarh Launches a Mobile Food Testing Lab | No More Food Adulteration in City

To make the people of Chandigarh even more healthy and to protect them from the harmful effects of food adulterants, the UT Health Department has launched a mobile food testing laboratory. This mobile lab will tour the city and collect food samples to check the quality of the food items and the best thing is that anyone in Chandigarh can use the services of this food testing van. Food items can be tested for a small price of Rs. 30.

The mobile van contains an automatic machine for checking the adulteration in food products. The Automatic machine will pick up the sample of the food items and will provide the result within 20 minutes. Those samples which will fail to meet the food safety standards will be sent to laboratories for further investigations. Strict actions will be taken against the suppliers of the product and the vendors delivering any poor quality food products. Written consent of the buyer will be taken by the authorities for taking any action against the supplier.

Mobile food testing team consists of two lab technicians, one lab attendant, a helper and a van driver.

Where to find Food Testing Van in Chandigarh

The food testing van will be stationed at different places across the city on different days. Here’s the complete schedule of the mobile lab.

Monday: Civil Hospital, Sector 22.

Tuesday: Civil Dispensary, Sector 8.

Wednesday: Civil Dispensary, Sector 40.

Thursday: Civil Hospital, Sector 45.

Friday: Civil Hospital, Manimajra.

The food testing mobile lab will be stationed outside these places and anyone can go there and get any particular food item tested.

Which food items can you get tested?

Anything purchased from the market in packed form or open form can be tested under the following categories.

  • Milk: Fat, urea, starch, glucose, neutraliser.
  • Cheese: Starch.
  • Desi ghee/ Butter: Vanaspati.
  • Cheese: Starch.
  • Mustard oil: Argan oil, castor oil.
  • Pulses: Metanil yellow colour, lead chromate, chalk powder.
  • Jaggery: Metanil yellow colour, washing soda.

An awareness campaign has also been started side by side to educate the people about various food adulterants. Advertisements are being published in Chandigarh newspapers and on radio and pamphlets are distributed to create awareness among the people about the van so that they can know if they are eating adulterated food. It will help people to know the quality of their food. This will also alarm the suppliers who try to act smart by mixing adulterants in the food items and play with the health of people for their own personal benefits and monetary profits.

The mobile testing food lab has started its journey from April 2016. Approximately 111 food items have been tested within few days of the launch. Out of this number 70 were milk samples Few milk samples were found adulterated with water. This has sent alarming bells to milkmen who provide milk to city residents.

You can also go and get any food sample tested. It just costs Rs. 30 and you’ll get the results within 20 minutes. Spot Chandigarh’s Food Testing mobile van in your nearest sector and help yourself live healthy!

Image Credits: Indian Express


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