Mohali | Man Guns Down His Wife After an Argument in Car

Chandigarh tricity region reveals another terrifying incident wherein a 60-year old senior citizen male shot his own wife at point blank post heated argument near Phase-X, Mohali. The accused, a hotelier from Mohali who was travelling with his wife to Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh for a medical check-up murdered his wife at around 9:30 am on Wednesday morning. The couple from Chandigarh tricity region had been living separately for a long time with accused Nirankar Singh & his wife lived in Mohali (Punjab)
& UK respectively. The couple has two children, both settled in UK only.

60-Year Old Man Shots Wife Dead In Mohali | Know Details About The Incident

The duo, Nirankar Singh & his wife, from Chandigarh tricity region Mohali, were supposed to have strained relations over the issue of living separately in two countries. While the children Navpreet Singh and Aman Kaur were married & settled in the United Kingdom. The wife demanded Nirankar Singh (the accused) to sell off the entire property, business in Chandigarh tricity and move to UK with the children to settle there while Mr. Singh who runs Sarao Hotel successfully in Phase 10, Mohali had a difference of opinion on the subject. This led to a heated argument between the two and the man who always kept a licensed pistol with himself shot his wife dead by firing four rounds in the head.

No sooner than Mr. Singh murdered his wife in Mohali near Manav Mangal School, Phase-X in broad day light, he himself called up police to inform and surrender. The PCR van of Punjab Police reached in no time where they found Nirankar Singh sitting by the road side with his wife lying in a pool of blood inside the car. The police also confiscated the weapon used in the crime and took the accused in custody.

Third Murder Incident in Mohali In Less Than A Month 

The children of the couple from Mohali settled in UK have been informed about the shocking incident and are on their way to India. Eyewitnesses say that the accused was in an acute state of shock post the gun down of his wife when he confessed to the crime on a phone call to the police. The couple lived in the Hotel only wherein the staff member says that that day Nirankar Singh asked the staff to drop his Mercedes Car for servicing while he took somebody else’s car in which the crime occurred.

This is the third shocking incident in less than a month in Mohali, part of the Chandigarh tricity region. The previous incident being the ‘double murder case’ of senior journalist KJ Singh & his mother in their 3B2 residence in Mohali. The police is still investigating the case while another such sad & horrifying incident happened during the festive days in October 2017.

Source: HT


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