Monthly Attendance of PU Students to Be Available Online | Parents Happy, Students Sad

Panjab University, Chandigarh has decided to upload the attendance details for all its students on an online notice board. The online notice board is available on the university’s website and can be accessed by anyone. If you are a student studying in PU Chandigarh, just imagine your parents or maybe even your distant relatives checking your attendance. Oh, we know you might be feeling surprised, but this is actually true.

Attendance of each PU student will be displayed on the official website so as to keep the parents of students studying here well aware of their ward’s attendance. Going forward, students who frequently bunk classes, will not be able to hide their attendance from their parents. Moreover, the university has decided that parents will be made aware about this initiative so that they are able to check their child’s attendance every month.

PU’s Online Attendance Initiative

According to this new initiative taken by Panjab University, all departments will upload the cumulative attendance of the students on the online notice board of their department. The attendance will be updated by 15th of every month. So be alert and do not lie about missing your classes as parents would be able to see the entire cumulative attendance of each month from this month onwards i.e. September, 2016.

Parents Happy, Students Sad

The decision of Panjab University to make its attendance online wil surely make parents happy as they would be able to track the attendance of their ward. No matter if a student lives in hostel or is a localite, everyone’s attendance details will be available online.

This will make some students sad. Yeah, we know this used to happen in school life and college life is not meant for tracking attendance or things like parent – teacher meeting. But alas, PU students will have to go through this. It will be difficult to bunk classes and even if you have to bunk, you’ll have to inform your parents about it.


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