No More Traffic Jams & Long Waiting Times at Red Lights in Chandigarh

Good news for everyone living in Chandigarh. And even for those who come to the city just for a Gedi. Now you’ll not have to wait gazing at those red circles to turn green while on the road. Chandigarh is probably the most famous in entire India where traffic rules can never be neglected. But sometimes, waiting times reaching upto more than a 100 seconds can be really annoying and our own authorities have finally got a solution.

Chandigarh is a smart city and yahan ki red lights ko bhi smart hona padega!

Goodbye Traffic Jams & Long Waiting Times at Red Lights

Chandigarh will be witnessing a smarter grid of sensitized traffic lights. Traffic lights brings back the memories of scorching heat or chilling cold to checking out people and cursing the lights for being so annoying. Long lines of traffic and constant honking is just ‘ufff’.

Soon these traffic jams will be a lost story. Chandigarh Administration is all set to install an Intelligent Traffic light Management System. There will be a central control room from where the officials will be keeping a check on the timings of the traffic lights. The best part is that these timings will be such that no one will have to take a long halt at the lights.

How These New Red Lights will Work

Well this may seem to be fascinating to some yet gibberish to others but this is probably the best technology that proves to add a star to the smartness of Chandigarh. This technology is based on the SCOOT & ITACA technology. It is expected to bring down the traffic halts created in and around the city by ensuring consistent flow of traffic at traffic lights.

This whole thing uses a sensor based technology installed inside the cameras fitted at the traffic lights. These sensors will have a control room for its operation which will be linked to the main control room in Sector-29. These cameras will send a footage to the control room about the traffic situation. Based on these footage and calculations, sensors will further get signals as whether to turn the light red or green. This timing will be decided by control room officials entirely to ensure an easy flow of traffic in Chandigarh.

In case of heavy traffic, this technology will use a VMS (Variable Messaging System) technology. This VMS technology will display a colour message on VMS boards to caution the people of heavy traffic volumes ahead.

How Much Money This Takes:

Expectedly this project will be costing as huge as 42 crores of Rupees. This is the cost for sensitizing the lights, installing everything till the final setup in the control room. This may seem huge though, but this is worth spending in comparison to the benefits this technology has to offer to the city of Chandigarh. This project hopefully will save about Rs 43 crores for Chandigarh annually.

How Will It Help Chandigarh:

This technology will bring a large number of benefits with itself like:

  • The biggest benefit is financially this system will save Rs 43 crores annually after being functional. This is expected based on the analysis made for the fuel consumption patterns (as per the sources).
  • Negligible Traffic congestion due to reduction in number of stops.
  • Smoother traffic flow.
  • More strict Discipline as you will be captured on CCTV footage directly.
  • Reduction in Journey time.
  • Lesser possibility of road accidents due to smoother traffic.
  • According to The Tribune, this technology will increase fuel economy and will be saving Rs. 2346 per vehicle annually.

We at Chandigarh Metro hope that this technology adds on to the Smartness of the Smart City, Chandigarh.

Image Credits: Ajay Deep


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