Now Ailing Animals in Chandigarh Can Get 24×7 Medical Service

Serving innocent animals who don’t have the ability to communicate their pains to us is best kind of service a human can offer in this world. And that is what the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has decided to do by announcing its new and unique initiative of providing 24×7 medical service to the injured and ailing animals in our very own city Chandigarh. The society has already started its 24×7 medical services from today itself. The initiative has been taken up in respect to the Smart City plan of Chandigarh.

24X7 Medical Service For Helpless Animals

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Chandigarh is going provide 24×7 medical care to the helpless stray animals from today onward. The Society is focusing on the demands of animal welfare societies and animal lovers who showed their concern towards the rising number of sick stray animals in the city and wanted to increase the working hours of veterinary assistance for that purpose.

The Vice President of SPCA has taken the decision of extending the working hours of the veterinary assistance of animal welfare society and make the city free of ailing stray animals that can spread infection in other animals and humans. The society will recruit more staff for the purpose in order kick start its new service.

Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Ailing stray animals often become victims to human misbehave. People instead of helping the innocent animals shoo them away or simply neglect them on the streets. The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was started in consideration to this and has devoted itself to animal care and protection. Working to serve the same purpose for quite a long time now in Chandigarh, SPCA has provided shelter and restored health of almost 3,180 stray animals till date in the city.

You can contribute SPCA animal welfare society and be a part of its amazing cause to protect ailing animals by visiting their website or visit their centre at Sector 38 West, Near Motor Market, Opposite Chandigarh Transport Depot, Chandigarh. And in case you find any animal in a need of immediate care then you can call 0172 269 6450 and I would really suggest to keep their number handy.

Phone: 0172 269 6450


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