A Doctor in Panchkula Found Dead Inside His Bed Box | Shocking Suicide Incident

Panchkula | Depression seems to have claimed another life in the city, this time a Doctor being at the receiving end.

Panchkula | In a shocking incident on Monday, a Panchkula based doctor was found dead inside the bed box in his room. The 35-year old Doctor identified as Dr. Kshitij was unmarried and left behind two suicide notes – one in his room and the other inside his pocket. However confusing it may be, the Police have ruled out foul play in the case. The parents of the Panchkula doctor too seem to agree with the police. The mysterious circumstances do not tend to make the police speculative of external factors.

What Does The Panchkula Doctor’s Family Has to Say About Their Son’s Death?

The deceased has been identified as Dr. Kshitij who happened to be 35-years old. The family said that he had never been married. The Panchkula Sector 16 resident family also went on to say that their son had been battling with depression for a while now and had been receiving treatment for the same. He had attempted suicide a few times in the past as well but remained unsuccessful. Owing to the same reason, the family believes the chances of foul play in their son’s death in Panchkula are unlikely.

The Panchkula Doctor was found dead in his Sector 16 house inside the bed box in his room. According to the police, the room was bolted from the inside and they had to break in to intervene. However, on entering the room they found a white board in the room where the deceased wrote that he is inside the bed box before committing suicide. It is being reported that the Panchkula doctor might have taken a poisonous substance like Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S).

Panchkula Sector 6 Hospital To Conduct Postmortem

The body of Dr. Kshitij was sent to the Sector 6 General Hospital in Panchkula where a detailed postmortem will be conducted. Further investigations will proceed according to Section 174 of CrPC. Although the family has dismissed the chances of foul play in their son’s death, there is still no explanation as to what lead the Panchkula doctor to be inside the bed box even after he had bolted the room from the inside.


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