You Can Now Be Fined For Vehicle Violation At Panjab University Chandigarh

Now you need to be really alert while moving around in the Chandigarh’s Panjab University on your vehicle guys as soon the varsity is going to become a “vehicle-free zone” completely. The new vehicle free policy prohibits and puts fine on its violators and has been drafted by the top authorities of the Panjab University. So its a heads up to the students, teachers and other staff of the varsity who come on their automobiles as “vehicle free” policy is going to be implemented from the 2017-2018 academic session at the Chandigarh’s Panjab University.

The “Vehicle Free” Policy

According to the newly formed policy the vehicle drivers need be really careful once they enter the Panjab University and they will need to follow certain rules once they get inside the varsity area or else they will have to pay a fine of Rs 100 immediately.

  • Once you are inside the University area speeding is prohibited
  • Vehicles should be parked at the designated zones
  • Parking vehicles here and there might attract fine
  • Blowing of horns will also be forbidden
  • Bikes without silencers would be banned from entering
  • Vehicles without the PU stickers will attract a fine of Rs 100

Other Amendments In Rules

The PU authorities have also made some new amendments to its past policies along with making the new “Vehicle Free Policy”. The new amendments made are this way:

  • A bus shuttle service along the parking spaces has been suggested
  • College teachers will have to carry their ID cards or authorization letter while visiting the PU Campus
  • Research scholars will be given entry on the permission of Department Chairman or Supervisor
  • No student will be allowed in the campus after 5 pm
  • No entry of students during holidays without permission
  • Students visiting the library have to seek permission of the librarian
  • And will have to park their vehicles at Gate No.1 parking lot
  • ID cards will be made mandatory to students visiting the USOL
  • Department of evening studies students need to bring their ID cards
  • And can only enter the campus on two wheeler
  • Parking lot at Gate No.1 is for the outsiders and,
  • Cannot bring their vehicles inside the campus

The Panjab University of Chandigarh has been ranked among the top dynamic Universities of India and holds a great reputation. Being one of the most prestigious and old universities of the city PU has a lot of responsibilities on its shoulders and works tireless day and night to keep up to its name. Making new policies and changing rules to ensure safety and security of its staff and students is one of the top priorities of the PU syndicate.

Source: TOI   Image – HT


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