People Littering Chandigarh Will Now be Fined & The Amount is Huge

Chandigarh is all set to look like a foreign city. The developments and cleanliness measures taken up by the UT Administration is definitely changing the face of the city beautiful. People who will litter the city beautiful will have to pay heavy fines now.

Municipal Corporation Chandigarh decided on Friday that other the usual fine of Rs. 500, people who will throw the garbage in the open will have to bear a fine of up to Rs. 10,000. Rs. 5,000 will be charged if the garbage is dumped by the owner of a house and Rs. 10,000 will be charged if the garbage is dumped by the owner of a commercial outlet.

Heavy Fines For Dumbing Garbage In The Open

Heavy fines of Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 10,000 will be charged for dumping the garbage in the open. The MC will also recover charges for additional labour and machinery deployed to clean the garbage.

House Owner = Rs. 5,000 fine.

Business Owner = Rs. 10,000 fine.

The BJP councillor said that these charges have been imposed so that people think thrice before dumping garbage out in the open.

He said that a fine of Rs. 500 was not sufficient for them to mend their ways so heavy fines have been imposed and it has also been approved by the house.

Coloured Dustbins Coming In The City

An agenda of bringing in the coloured dustbins in the city has been discussed. The coloured dustbins in the city will be coming from June 5 and the house has said that the people of Chandigarh need to corporate in the disposing of the garbage properly.

The municipal will be segregating the dustbins into two colours – Green and Blue. The green dustbins will be used for disposing of green waste. The blue dustbins will be used for disposing of solid waste.

As per a senior official, if there is any video or photos of people littering the surroundings, strict action will be taken immediately. After inquiring the matter properly, new fines would be imposed.

Keep The City Clean By Disposing Garbage In the Dustbin 

About 1 Lakh dustbins would be there in Chandigarh on June 5 and the other 1.5 Lakh would be there by June 15 so everyone should make sure that they don’t litter their surroundings. June 5 is also celebrated as the World Environment Day. The BJP councillor said that the garbage collectors will have to make sure that they properly collect and lift the garbage.

The MC has been questioned over and over for the unclean environment in the city. The councillors also reported the Mayor that Swachh Bharat Mission was a flop show.

Source: Indian Express


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