Water Consumption Stats in Chandigarh: Each Person Uses 252 Litres Everyday

Yes, it is true. If we talk about water consumption in Chandigarh then it is a fact that on an average each person living in the city uses 252 litres of water everyday, all 365 days a year. This means that you used 252 litres of water yesterday, your father & mother also used 252 litres each and your brother/sister also used 252 litres of water yesterday. You all will use the same amount of water – today, tomorrow and so on. A nuclear family of 4 people uses 252*4 = 1008 litres of water everyday. I’ll again emphasize on the word everyday, so that you don’t think that I have written it by mistake.

There’s no doubt that you’ll find it a bit hard to believe. Even I felt the same when I heard it. But the stats of Water Department of Municipal Corporation are even more surprising. And all stats are backed by observation of water usage in the city from last many years.

Water Usage Stats in Chandigarh

  • Northern Sectors use as much as 3 times more water as compared to southern sectors.
  • Water consumption in northern sectors is as high as 1000 litres per day per person.
  • The average water consumption in Chandigarh is 252 litres per person per day.
  • Indian average of using water stands at 135 litres per person per day.

Where is so much water used?

You’ll again be surprized to know that the above stats of water consumption in Chandigarh are domestic stats. Much more water is used in industries and commercial areas, but we are only talking about domestic water usage.

Major chunk of water at any household in Chandigarh is used in following activities:

  • Drinking Water: Well, we won’t stop you from drinking water or say that drink less water. You might be thinking that a normal person can just drink 1 litre, 2 litre or max 5 litre of water per day. So how does the figure of 252 litres of water per person per day are calculated. Keep drinking water at 2 litres. read on for more.
  • Bathing: How many buckets of water do you use while taking bath? An average bucket size is 25 litre. So 2 buckets of water means 50 litres used.
  • Watering Lawn & Plants: This again takes a major chunk. 4 to 5 buckets meaning 100 litres in one go.
  • Washing Clothes: Just check the capacity of your washing machine and how often do you use it.
  • Washing Cars, Bikes: Chandigarh has the maximum number of per capita vehicle density in India and people often wash them. So again water is used here.
  • Kithen: Cooking food, washing utensils etc.

There maybe more ways by which a person living in Chandigarh uses water. But coming to the average use per person per day, the figure stands at 252 litres which is much higher than the average water.

Chandigarh walo… Save Water!!

Stats Source: Hindustan Times

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