PGGC-11 To Have The Second Biggest Auditorium Of Chandigarh

Chandigarh is again a step forward to make itself a bigger and a better place through one of its very prestigious college i.e. Post Graduate Government College (PGGC), Sector 11. This campus is hoping to witness the second biggest auditorium in Chandigarh with the biggest one to be built in Panjab University (PU). This auditorium in PGGC-11 will have a seating of around 1200-1300 people at once.

On his visit to PGGC-11 during the youth fest of college, education secretary had a word with college authorities and suggested them to give a proposal to the government officials after which the work can be initiated. College authorities took the advice seriously and have already filed the proposal. Although this will take time to commence with the construction. The proposal sent to the administration by the college says that there is a lot of space in front of their already existing open theater which can easily be utilized for this auditorium which according to the proposal sent will have more than 1200 person seating capacity.

The present auditorium in the college is capable of accommodating around 250-280 people at once and hence college authorities are happy for the proposal as after this auditorium has been built on campus, it will be very easy to organize big events on campus and students also will not have to depend on other people or authorities for getting the permission to do an event just because of lack of sufficient space. This proposal has already been sent to the administration and the government is looking forward to go ahead with the project.

The biggest auditorium of Chandigarh is being constructed in Panjab University (PU) with a seating capacity of 2300 people at once, the construction of this auditorium in PU has already finished but the electrical fitting, furnishing and other detailing is yet to be done.

Three Biggest Auditoriums in Chandigarh:

  • Panjab University

The biggest one will be in PU which is already constructed and will be starting soon after appropriate fitments will have a capacity of 2300 people at once.

  • PGGC-11

The second one is to be built at PGGC-11 with a capacity of 1200-1300 people at once.

  • Tagore Theatre, Sector 18

Tagore theater in Sector-18 has a capacity of 900 people at present. And the auditorium has been recently renovated and modified to accommodate more people.


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