PGI Chandigarh to Start Marking Daily Attendance of Doctors & Keep Tab on Late Comers

Chandigarh’s PGIMER (Post Graduate Institute Of Medical Education And Research) is the second best hospital for medical education and research in India. In an advancement, the hospital has decided to mark daily attendance for all doctors currently working at PGI.

Strict Rules At PGI Chandigarh

PGIMER will soon start marking a daily attendance of the doctors in the OPD. At present, no one monitors the daily entry or exit timings of the doctors. A circular was circulated to all the doctors at PGIMER recently but the administration will soon be getting strict regarding with the doctors who come late. PGIMER’s OPD starts at 8 am and there are a lot of doctors who don’t enter the room on time. Due to this, the queues of patients gets added up and it becomes difficult to manage the OPDs.

The director of PGIMER said that the administration has requested all the doctors to reach the OPD on time. He also said that the doctors who are in the ward rounds or in an emergency they must send a team to the OPD. This is because there is a lot rush at the hospital daily and the team will be able to manage the rush of patients.

A strict action has been taken because people from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana come to PGIMER for check ups and they have to stay over for a lot of days just because they could not see a doctor.

PGIMER Administration To Issue Warning Notes

The PGIMER has confirmed that the doctors at PGIMER will be given a three-month period. The doctors who will be the habitual late comers will be issued warning notes the administration.

A PGIMER Official also said that if they can charge sheets doctors guilty of research misconduct they can also issue warning notes to latecomers.

A patient from Amritsar said that he has to come to PGIMER for follow ups and it is not feasible for him to see a doctor on time due to which he has to stay for a couple of days in Chandigarh.

Available Doctors At PGIMER

According to the report provided by PGIMER, there are more than 6700 OPD patients and the doctor-patient ratio is 1:8.

The doctors have a lot of pressure of work. The work pressure can only be relaxed if all the doctors attend the OPD on time which eventually would help in managing the patients at OPD easily.

The Positions, Approved Strength & Present Strength

  • Faculty – 555 and 456.
  • Senior Residents – 576 and 558
  • Junior Residents – 263 and 167
  • Total Doctors – 1,394 and 1,181

As the per reports provided by PGIMER, there are 6,731 OPD patients including new as well as old patients. The OPDs which are under pressure.

The list will have Department, Number Of Patients and Number Of Doctors

  • Internal Medicine – 250-300 Patients and 10-12 Doctors
  • Pediatric Medicine – 450-500 Patients and 15-20 Doctors
  • Gynecology – 450-500 Patients and 25-30 Doctors
  • Gastroenterology – 350-400 Patients and 16-17 Doctors
  • Ophthalmology – 800-1000 Patients and 8-10 Doctors.

Source: Times of India


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