This Pizza Outlet in Chandigarh Served a Drink Mixed With Ants

It is hard to believe that a well known pizza brand “Pizza Hut” served a drink “Lemon Soda” with ants floating on its surface to a customer, that too in a modern city like Chandigarh. The incident happened on 31st May at around 9:20 PM when Mr. Inder Gill went to a Pizza Hut Delivery outlet to have dinner with his brother and a friend.

Details of the Pizza Outlet in Chandigarh

Outlet = Pizza Hut Delivery

Address = SCO 82, Sector 15-B, Chandigarh.

Drink which had ants = Lemon Soda.

Invoice Number = 229160006794

Date & Time of Bill = 31st May, 2016 at 9:30 PM.

Name of the staff who took and served the order = Vijay (As per Bill). However the lemon soda drink might have been made in the kitchen.

The Incident Details

The complainant went to Pizza Hut Delivery outlet in Sector 15 for dinner and ordered two veg pizzas, one pepsi and a glass of lemon soda. As usual, a straw was placed in lemon soda glass. Mr. Inder started to eat his pizza and even consumed lemon soda. It was after consuming one-fourth of the drink that he noticed some black color things in the glass. A closer look soon made him realize that all those black things were ants – not the small ones but big ones.

Like any other person would do, Inder immediately complained to the Pizza Hut outlet manager who initially said that it was a pre-mix but later admitted that there were ants in the lemon soda. However, he could not help.

Ants in the lemon soda came into notice as the glass was not covered. But, many restaurants & cafes in Chandigarh offer drinks in a glass which is covered with a lid and we never open to see what’s inside.

Serving unhygienic food or preparing food in unhygienic conditions accounts for a legal action under Indian constitution laws. Consumption of such food can make a person ill and the restaurant owns the responsibility for any such case.

Mr. Inder Gill told Chandigarh Metro that he would also be going to the consumer court in Chandigarh with a complaint against Pizza Hut Sector 15 outlet so that no one else suffers the same.

The Results: (Updated in Evening).

Taking an instant action about the incident, Pizza Hut has sealed the machine from which Lemon soda was prepared for investigations. All other beverage machines would also be checked thoroughly and all necessary action would be taken.

Pizza Hut as a brand takes great pride to serve Chandigarh residents. The manager & employees at Sector 15 outlet have promised to keep a strict vigil on hygiene & sanitation conditions in order to serve the best food to their customers.

The purpose of this article was not to malign the image of any specific brand or person. The only message we wanted to spread out was that a proper check on hygiene and sanitation should be kept at every food outlet in Chandigarh.

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