Police Raids Sweets Shops: Booked 10 People For Making Adulterated Sweets

Sweets seized by police

Before the festival of Diwali, regular raids are going on at sweets shops in the city of Chandigarh and its nearby regions. As per reports, a joint squad including CID (crime investigation department), local police officials and food and supply unit, is conducting the raids on a regular basis.

Sweets seized by police

The report added that joint groups raided a number of well known sweet shops of city and gathered food samples for the same. The team created panic among the possessors of sweetshop situated in the city. After continuous raids, Panchkula Police officials had booked around 10 persons from the godown of a sweet shop. They took over 1,100 kg of sweets that failed the meet the quality standards.

Got a tip-off from sources

As per data provided by the inspector Mr. Mahabir Singh, CID division, he got some info that contaminated sweets in huge quantities are being made at a godown in the village named Chuna Bhatti. Mr. Singh had apparently forwarded the information to the inspector food and supply, Subhash Chander and station house officer (SHO) of Chandimandir police station, inspector Naveen Kumar. The said squad took immediate action after the hint and raided the said Godown.

10 suspects got detained

The people who got arrested during the raid include proprietors of the godown, Mukim Ahmed and Shahzad, both dwellers of the city of Chandigarh, Mohammad Mehraj, Mukesh, Satyavan, Amiri Kumar, Teji Ram, Sunil Kumar, Azeem and Santosh, who were working at the said sweet shop godown. The said 10 persons were booked under section 272 (contamination of food or drink proposed for sale) and 420(double-dealing and fraudulently encouraging delivery of property) of the IPC (Indian Penal Code).

According to SHO Naveen Kumar, the blamed persons those were involved in fabricating contaminated sweets have been detained. The enquiry is underway.

On October 29, the squad of food and supply section had made raids at 7 sweet shops as well as bakeries in Panchkula. They too gathered samples of the sweets and also warned them not to make use of adulterated ingredients. The sweets shop possessors were warned to add no colour to sweets, or if any coloring matter is to be used during the making of the sweets, it must be food grade synthetic permitted colour.


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