Getting a VIP Number for your Vehicle in Chandigarh becomes Easy | RLA starts Online Auction

RLA (Registration & Licencing Authority of Chandigarh) has started online auction of VIP number for those who want to get a number of their choice for their vehicles. There’s a huge demand for VIP numbers in Chandigarh and residents pay lakhs of rupees for numbers like 001 or other specific VIP numbers.

Taking into account the craze for VIP numbers in Chandigarh and the rush during auction days when a new series of numbers is launched, RLA has finally taken the whole procedure online where they will hold e-auctions. Residents will be able to participate in e-auction and will be able to apply as well as bid for their favorite numbers.

Highlights of Chandigarh RLA’s Online Auction

A special software has been developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) for this purpose. Here are some highlights of the online auction process that will be followed by RLA, Chandigarh.

  • The total process of e-auction for every new series will last 10 days.
  • First 7 days will be kept for registration where any Chandigarh resident can apply for a number of his choice through the official website of RLA.
  • Last 3 days have been kept for bidding. If there is more than 1 taker for any number, that will go into bidding. People will be able to increase their bids by multiples of Rs. 1000 and the highest bidder will win the auction on the concluding day.

How to participate in Chandigarh RLA’s Online Auction

In order to apply for a number of your choice at Chandigarh RLA’s you’ll have to follow a pre-defined procedure. The entire procedure has been explained in a step by step format below:

  1. The first step is to sign-up on Ministry of Road Transport & Highways website which directly comes under Government of India. The link to register is –
  2. A Unique Acknowledgement Number (UAN) will be allotted.
  3. Once you get the number, you’ll have to deposit a demand draft of the minimum reserve price for the number that you wish to register for your car or bike.
  4. Along with the demand draft a one time fee of Rs. 500 has to be deposited in cash. This is the fee for participating in the online auction at RLA Chandigarh. This fee is non-refundable.
  5. Once your application is approved, you’ll be given a login id and password to login in the dashboard from where you’ll be able to bid for the number of your choice.

More information for Chandigarh RLA’s e-auction process can be read at the official website here –


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