Chandigarh RLA Starts Online Appointment Registration System | Hopefully No More Queues

Chandigarh’s Registration and Licencing Authority (RLA) office sees a lot of rush every day. And why won’t it as it is the only place where people of our Tricity come to register their vehicles, get their licenses, and for various other major and minor things regarding their personal vehicles. The Head Office of RLA is based in Sector 17 of Chandigarh and most of the time when you will pass the road adjoining the office a huge number of people can be seen waiting outside the office, sometimes even on the road.

People wait for long hours to get their licenses, registrations and renewals done at the office. But from now on things are going to get changed, as the RLA of Chandigarh has started online registrations for booking advance appointments at the office giving people a bit of relief.

Chandigarh RLA : Online Advance Appointments

With the starting up of online registration for advance appointments at the RLA, Chandigarh people will not have to wait for in long queues with their token numbers in hands for hours. Sometimes, even after waiting for so many hours some people don’t even reach the main counter and by chance if they do the timings of the office get over. And people who come for the first time to register their vehicles and get their licences made face these issues mostly.

So finally, Chandigarh Transport Authority has decided to start an online system for the RLA department to book advance appointments. With this new system people will be able to book appointments for getting vehicles registration certificate and driving licenses in advance through internet at the comfort of their homes without even coming to the office.

How To Book An Appointment At RLA

Well as the RLA department has done away with its token system to book appointments the new online system is far better and convenient in every way for the people. All you need to do is follow these really simple steps:

  • Go to the official website of Chandigarh Transport Dept.
  • Then click on the link displayed at the middle of the Homepage saying “Online Appointment”
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will be shown steps to follow
  • Follow the steps and fill the booking form displayed on the right side
  • You will receive an OTP after submitting the required details
  • Enter the OTP and select the date of appointment
  • Then select the required time slot for the appointment
  • That’s it! Your booking is done!
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you immediately.

The online appointment at RLA Chandigarh will be valid for the same day on what the appointment has been booked. If you miss your appointment you will have to make another one in the same way as before. So make sure you reach the RLA office on the given date and time of the appointment with all the mandatory documents.


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