Registering New Vehicles in Chandigarh Becomes Costlier

Getting your vehicles registered in Chandigarh will now be costlier than before as the Chandigarh Administration has decided to charge registration fee based on the ex-showroom price by the manufacturer. This means that even if some car dealer offers discounts and you are able to buy your new vehicle at discounted price, the registration fee will be charged on the ex-showroom price announced by the manufacturer.

This is being followed in many states across India but the registration and licencing authority (RLA) Chandigarh used to charge the registration fee based on the price at which a vehicle has been bought. Normally, car & 2-wheeler dealers offer some discounts on the ex-showroom price.

Vehicle Registration fee at RLA Chandigarh

3% for vehicles costing less than Rs 1 lakh.

4% for vehicles between Rs 1 lakh to 4 lakh.

5% for vehicles costing more than Rs 4 lakh.

6% on vehicles costing up to Rs 20 lakh.

8% on vehicles costing more than Rs 20 lakh.

The registration fee varies a lot in case of SUV’s which cost above 20 Lakh. If you consider a discount of 2 lakh and calculate 8% of 2 lakh, it makes up a huge variation in the registration fee. Thus the fee charged by RLA Chandigarh used to be different for the same car being bought during discounted period and other months of the year.

To put an end to these variations, RLA Chandigarh has decided to charge the registration fee on the ex-showroom price that has been fixed by 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler manufacturer.

This will also put a stop on wrong practices where buyers used to get an illegal invoice at lower price from the dealer in order to save money on registration fee. It was causing a loss to RLA Chandigarh’s revenue.

So now, if you plan to buy during Diwali or during November – December period, you’ll have to pay the same registration fee as per the ex-showroom price that has been fixed by your vehicle manufacturer.


Ajay Deep

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