Another Roundabout in Chandigarh Goes Away

A small roundabout that used to connect sectors 34 and 33 near the furniture market has been removed. The reason as to why it has been done is simply to install red lights at the place of the roundabout for smooth flow of traffic. The place used to witness large traffic jams and there was a chaos at the place during busy hours. Municipal corporation (MC) of Chandigarh finally took took the decision to remove the small roundabout and give way to red lights at the place.

Road safety Commission passed orders to remove this particular roundabout in sector-34 on Wednesday. Now it stands vanished from the place. According to the officials of Road safety commission,  all other small roundabouts of Sectors 32 and 33 will also be removed to curb the traffic chaos in the area. This particular roundabout was also removed for the same reason as it had a small radius. Cars, bikes as well as buses had to pass through this small roundabout which often led to jams.

Small Roundabout and Traffic in Chandigarh

The rotary and curvature of a roundabout accounts for its capability to handle the traffic and ensures a smooth flow of traffic entering and leaving the junction. Due to its small and limited accountability to handle the increasing traffic, it had to go. The work to remove the roundabout for sector-34 commenced 2 days back. The work to remove small roundabouts in the area will continue for next couple of days and it is expected that these roundabouts will be replaced by traffic lights before Diwali. The chief architect submitted his plan for installation of traffic lights instead of roundabouts after which it was passed and actions were taken.

These areas in sectors-32, 33 and 34 are a home to many traffic issues due to congested place. These small roundabouts add to the problem as they are not able to handle the traffic well because of their small radii. We hope these areas become less chaotic in terms of traffic by this step and hopefully, there will be a more orderly flow of traffic in and around this area.

Image Credits: Manoj Mahajan, The Tribune


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