Sector 17 Robbery | 3 Youngsters, 18 Mins & Diamonds worth 14 Crore Looted in Broad Daylight

The news of robbery incident at a diamond showroom in Sector 17 Chandigarh has sent shock waves all across the region. Even more shocking is the fact that 3 people comprising one woman and two men took away diamonds worth 14 Crore in mere 18 minutes on gunpoint in broad daylight and had a pleasant exit from the posh area of Sector 17.

The incident happened on 1st May, 2016 (Sunday) at around 12:15 PM in the afternoon. All 3 robbers were in their mid-twenties.

How the robbery happened

It seems to be a planned robbery which was executed with an excellent plan. One of the accused had visited the showroom – “Forever Diamonds” on Saturday and gave an order for a diamond ring worth Rs. 3 Lakh. He came to the store again on Sunday afternoon along with 2 other people to get the ring for which he had placed the order.

The woman tried the ring and said that it is loose. The showroom owner who was present at the store along with his brother sent an employee to Sector 35 as to get the ring re-sized. When the employee left, one of the accused took out a gun and put it on the owners head. He insisted both the brothers to move towards the store room and locked them inside.

Being a Sunday, no other employees were present at the store and even security guard was not on duty at that time. The 3 people easily took all the displayed jewelry in the showroom and cash amounting to around Rs. 10 Lakh from the safe. They spent around 18 minutes in the showroom and while leaving, they took the CCTV footage DVD for the camera which had the entire incident recorded.

After the robbers had left, the owners who were locked in the storeroom, broke the glass with the help of a fire extinguisher to come out and called the police.

Chandigarh Police is working hard to solve this robbery

The police is working on different angles. They have asked the showroom owners to hand over the data of their ex-employees. The CCTV footage of nearby showrooms has been taken and the suspects have been tracked while entering and leaving the area after robbery.

The data of all phone numbers that were active in that area during the time of robbery is also being checked. Apart from this, forensic experts have taken finger prints and other details of the robbers from the spot.

The robbery has surely put a question mark on the safety and security within Chandigarh.

Image: The Tribune

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