Shocking Rape Incident Reported in Chandigarh & It’s Too Bad

Chandigarh encountered a horrendous crime on 12th December, 2016 wherein a 21-year-old woman working in a call centre was raped by two men.

The incident took place on Monday around 8 PM when the victim decided to hire an auto from the road dividing sectors 34 and 21 on Dakshin Marg. The victim hired an auto on her way back home in Hallo Majra but was gangraped by the auto driver and his accomplice at knife point in the forest area in Sector 29 on Monday night.

Chandigarh Police in Action:

  • On 14th December, Chandigarh police registered a case against two unknown men for raping ┬áthe call centre employee and has announced a reward of Rs 50,000 for giving details that will help in arresting the two accused.
  • On the basis of the description given by the victim, sketches of the accused’s have been circulated and UT team has been asked to work quick on the same. Another lead divulged by the police is that the autorickshaw had an idol of Lord Hanuman glued in the auto which was used for this heinous crime.
  • Police officials will use the help of the Beat Box staff who will further get in touch with local auto stands and show the sketches to auto drivers and will use their inputs to catch the criminals. Auto Unions will also be contacted and discarded/thrown away mobiles that were active during that time will be analysed to catch key inputs
  • Dressed in civil dress, police officials will be stationed at CNG/petrol pumps to keep a tab of drivers coming to fill in their tanks.

Rape and how it affects a woman?

Most henious crime, rape has short and long time effects on the psychology of a woman. Rape is not sex, it is a violent abuse of women’s right to decide who she wants to sleep with. India has noted a high increase in rape cases despite stringent laws and awareness campaigns undertaken by the govt as well as NGOs. Rape destroys a woman psychologically leaving her broken from inside. We need to teach kids about the equality between both the sexes and educate young people to reduce their risk of potentially negative outcomes.

Such cases being reported from Chandigarh is not at all a good thing. They have questioned the status of the city as a safe city. Strict action need to be taken against the culprits.

Source: The Tribune

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