Should Odd Even Car Formula be implemented in Chandigarh? Tell us what you think

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Traffic jams in Chandigarh are becoming a common sight. Despite traffic cops standing on all major light points and roundabouts to ease the traffic flow in Chandigarh, city witnesses a huge rush of cars everyday. The situation worsens during evening hours. The rush of vehicles on city roads is not just hampering the easy flow of traffic but is also contributing to high levels of air pollution. Government agencies have already installed devices to check the air pollution levels in Chandigarh at strategical points.

We all know that the odd-even car number formula has been a success in Delhi. It has not just helped ease the traffic on roads but has also helped reduce air pollution by huge margins. Should Chandigarh go the same way as Delhi? There are few questions that need a thought from residents of Chandigarh.

Odd Even Formula in Chandigarh – Some Questions:

Should the odd-even car formula be implemented in Chandigarh?

Are you in favour of the odd-even formula in Chandigarh? If yes, why?

Do you oppose the odd-even car formula in Chandigarh? Why?

If it gets implemented, what will be the biggest problem faced by you?

If implemented, will Chandigarh traffic police be able to handle this?

Should the ban be only on CH numbers or on all vehicles entering Chandigarh?

Any other suggestions from your side?

We hereby request Chandigarh residents to send us their views on the above questions in not more than 5-6 lines. All responses will be read, valued and published by our editors. Let’s see what Chandigarh thinks about the odd-even formula on city roads.

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