Stray Dogs At Sukhna Chandigarh are Becoming a Huge Matter of Concern

Sukhna Lake, one of the most picturesque man made lakes is an inseperable part of the city. Visitors come to the lake for an inspiration or to escape from the Chandigarh’s Urban rush. Offlately, the calm environment of Sukhna Lake was getting hampered due to the terror of stray dogs. Many of them have also been the victim. Due to which High Court and the MC have taken some required measures for the security of a common lay-man.

Dog friendly Sukhna lake

Illustrating concern on Human safety over growing number of stray dogs at Sukhna Lake, Bench of Punjab and Haryana High Court raised a question, If there is a ban on taking pet dogs to the Lake then why can’t stray dogs be removed from the area ?

High Court has asked Tanu Bedi (amicus curiae) and MC to come up with a solution by the next hearing. The bench was told clearly that the law provided for releasing dogs taken for sterilization, back in the area from where they were caught . The bench of Justice Ajay Kumar Mittal and Justice Ramendra Jain took note of the Developments .

What’s more

The issue regarding preventing the Lake from stray dogs was discussed earlier, before the hearing as well. High court has already asked the Administration to set up an Independent authority for preservation of the Sukhna Lake. MC has now been asked to provide the regulations framed in 2001 and 2015 Supreme Court interim orders on the issue to the court.


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