No more bunking of college classes in Chandigarh | Govt to send Attendance SMS to Parents

Come session 2015-2016 and students studying in Government colleges in Chandigarh might feel as if they are studying in a school. The Higher Education Department of Chandigarh Administration has introduced a system by which parents will be able to get their wards college related information through SMS. The system will help help parents track the progress of their child including his marks in tests, daily attendance and some other modules.

This announcement has already rung bells in the minds of those who often bunk college classes as they are surely to go through a tough time in the coming days. Moreover, the department is also planning to send the assessment marks, test papers and other exam marks which are held in the classes. This facility will start functioning from session 2015-2016 in 5 Government Colleges of Chandigarh.

Government Colleges of Chandigarh where attendance SMS system has been introduced:

This system has been introduced in all government colleges of Chandigarh which include:

  • Post Graduate Government College, Sector 11 (PGGC 11)
  • Post Graduate Government College for Girls, Sector 11 (PG GCG 11)
  • Post Graduate Government College, Sector 46 (PGGC 46)
  • Post Graduate Government College, Sector for Girls, Sector 42 (PG GCG 42)
  • Government College of Commerce and Business Administration, Sector 42 (GCBA)

Soon, this system of sending SMS to student’s parents will also be started in other 3 Government colleges of Chandigarh i.e. Government College of Arts, Chandigarh Architecture College and Government Home Science College.

Parent Teacher Meetings also on cards

Apart from the SMS system where parents will be informed of their wards activity, attendance and test marks, Higher Education Department of Chandigarh has also asked colleges to hold regular parent-teacher meetings. Parents will be asked for suggestions in such meetings and teachers will inform parents about the progress of their ward in various subjects.

Gone are the days when one used to take admission in a Graduation and Post Graduation college and enjoy the so called “College Life”. While, we are not sure about the college life in other cities of India but the college life in Chandigarh is about to take a drastic turn.

On the positive side, this might help students excel in their particular subjects and help them make a successful future. Whatever, you may think about it, there are students who might feel the heat due to this Attendance SMS system while some parents will thank the Chandigarh Administration’s Higher Education Department for taking this wonderful step!


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