Sukhna Lake is Being Cleaned & It was Actually Needed

Chandigarh is getting ready for the monsoons. While the rains will be good for Sukhna Lake as it will help the lake to retain its water level, but there is one problem and it surely is a major one.

Monsoons often lead to the growth of weed in Sukhna Lake. Apart from giving the lake a look of a pond with weed floating on the top of water, it actually hampers boating. If you have visited the lake recently, you might have seen weed floating on the water in the center as well as towards the regulator end. A lot of weed has also accumulated near the central island which often hampers boating.

Taking steps to curb the weed growth and remove it from spreading, the Chandigarh Administration has decided to clean the Sukhna Lake. The process has already started and workers are working in the water to make Sukhna Lake free from weed.

This was actually needed as monsoons are known to give the required environment for the growth of weed. Chandigarh is set to receive monsoons from the first week of July and it is expected that the rains will be much more this time as compared to previous years.

Cleaning weed from Sukhna Lake has become an annual process. Every year the administration has to spend time & money in order to make Sukhna Lake weed free. It is necessary and moreover required for better boating grounds.

Image Credits: Kamleshwar Singh, Indian Express

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