Thoughts That Go Through Every Girl’s Mind While Wearing Heels

“Jo Tu Tik Tok Tik Tok Chalti Hai, Maana Ye Saari Teri High Heels Ki Galti Hai”, a song that every Chandigarh boy would sing seeing a Chandigarh Patola walking down the street. Girls in Chandigarh love to match their footwear with the dress they plan to wear and they look kickass wearing those high heels. Be it stilettos, ankle strap heels, wedge heels, cone heels or peep toes; Chandigarh girls own a pair of each.

We seldom wonder why Chandigarh girls love to wear high heels. Whether the girls are going out on a coffee date with their bffs or a night out with their gang, high heels are compulsory. Let us look at some of the reasons why girls love to wear heels.

Confidence: Heels are often considered to be confidence booster. Giving an imagery of being tall, high heels add to the overall personality and complete the look. Chandigarh girls can never go wrong in their fashion because they love to shop and heels bring out the best in them.

Body: High heels add to the body posture and a lady carrying off high heels properly looks quite elegant. To keep the true Punjabi spirit at bay, girls of Chandigarh wear heels to look classy and chic.

Slim You: High heels make Chandigarh girls look thinner in part because they force you stand taller. Not only do heels make one look slimmer and taller, heels also help in toning one’s leg muscles.

Attraction: Bright colored heels immediately catch attention. Chandigarh girls love attention and who would mind turning a few heads by just slipping into a nice pair of hot pink peep toes.

Accessorize: An ultimate feminine accessory, a good pair of heels can easily brighten up a dull outfit. Chandigarh girls can never go wrong with their heels. A last minute dinner date can easily be made fun by wearing an elegant black dress with nude heels.

Boys Love It: Well, Chandigarh boys love it when girls flaunt those high heels. Heels add to the swag of Chandigarh girls.

Power: Heels make women feel more powerful at work, especially in male-dominated sectors like finance and IT. Imagine a female lawyer walking in a courtroom with those high stilettos; well they look hot and conventionally sexy.

So, all the pretty girls of Chandigarh, get those pretty heels out and wear them for your lunch or dinner date and get the feminine you out with bang.

The views in the article are that of the author on a personal front.


Sakshi Sood

A post graduate in philosophy from Delhi University, Sakshi is a prolific writer. She is an avid reader with keen interest in traveling to places and exploring the untouched terrains. She has worked with Info Edge and taught primary school kids in Shimla. She loves to interact with people and write about their dreams, visions and idea.
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