Three Teens Murder Amazon Delivery Boy in Chandigarh After Battle Over Sweets

As per shocking reports, 3 youths (two 18,and other 19) got detained by Chandigarh Police officials on October 15 for killing a young delivery boy. The 22-year-old delivery man, who was found dead with around 40 stab wounds at a park near the dividing road of Sector 15 and Sector 24 on Saturday morning.

Amazon Delivery Boy Murdered in Chandigarh

Three youngsters were arrested by the police for murdering 22-year-old boy named Sandeep Yadav. The report added that Yadav was a delivery boy who works for well known company Amazon. The police officials found Yadav’s body drenched with blood in the park field of Sector 15 on Saturday. The boys arrested by police were identified as Suraj alias Addha (18), Akhilesh alias Diva (19) and Ram Ashish alias Kalu (18). All 3 of them were the dwellers of EWS Colony, Dhanas.

The case has been lodged under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code at Sector 11 Police Station in
Chandigarh. During cross-examination, Suraj, Akhilesh and Ram Ashish admitted to the offense. All 3 will be brought to the court on October 16. But the weapon system utilized in the wrongdoing is yet to be detected.

Chandigarh SSP Nilambri Vijay Jagdale stated that the three killed Sandeep Yadav owing to an old enmity. Preliminary examination disclosed that on October 4, the birth anniversary of Sandeep’s sissy, his younger brother Mandeep was distributing candies in the area, and Suraj’s elder sib Pradeep was also there.

Meanwhile Mandeep was not in talking terms with Pradeep, he didn’t offered him sweets that maddened the latter and they both entered a heated fight. Mandeep also hit Pradeep using a knife who got a minor wound under the eye. Shortly, their pals settled things down and the issue got resolved without notifying the police. On Saturday, Suraj confronted Yadav close to the Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT) in Sector-17 over the similar matter, but both cut and run after being pulled up by some policemen.

But, Suraj again caught Yadav at the dividing way between sectors 24 and 15, with the other 2 boys and recurrently knifed him. Yadav’s post-mortem disclosed he had been knifed over 40 times on the chest, back and neck, police officials added.


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