Tishman Speyer (American Real Estate Company) Expands its Coworking Spaces

Tishman Speyer has been expanding its coworking concept studio vigorously in recent years. Further, it has added two new locations in its service providing list this year.  This commercial giant astonishingly owns 165 million SF of land across 401 buildings in the U.S. Their recent Los Angeles coworking office is built over 36,000 square foot at 407 Maple plaza in L.A. Further, its Boston office is located at 125 High street which is also built recently.

Thais Galli is the current managing director and head of Studio. He said that he believes Beverly Hills in L.A is a market with smaller tenants looking for high-quality products. Further, he also stated that Studio is designed as such that Its capable of catering to demands of such tenants. He also added that Boston is another major market for coworking spaces. Since it has seen a noticeable increase in small enterprises recently.

A sneak peek at future plans and competitions ahead

The Tishman Speyer has big plans for its coworking concept and plans on spreading its wings abroad by next year. Additionally, they have planned to open coworking space in the U.S next year aiming to make it big. The company has stable growth and exceptionally successful expansion strategies. Further making the company a cutthroat competitor of the leading coworking and flexible office space providers. The competitive spirit became quite clear with the actions of leading coworking companies. Recently, coworking space provider Spaces took a lease of 110,000 Sq feet at Chrysler Building which was sold-out by Tishman. Further, WeWork also leased 250,000 Sq Feet at the Long Island City of Tishman’s office and retail complex named JACX.

Moreover, Tishman Speyer has planned on opening a Coworking Space on a few more locations. The 19th Street in Washington D.C., 222 West Adams Street and 227 West Monroe Street in Chicago are recent additions. Its also planning to expand its previous Studio in New York at Rockefeller Center according to sources.  Tishman is also planning to roll out a Studio location at AQWA Corporate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Further, it has also given subtle hints about its intent of exploring locations such as Frankfort and London.


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