Uber Chandigarh Launches 24X7 Safety Helpline For Riders | Know How it Works

Uber launches a 24X7 safety helpline for riders in the city beautiful Chandigarh. Recently, the cab aggregator has started a safety helpline for the riders in the North Indian city Chandigarh. The aim to launch this initiative was to make their riders feel safe and comfortable during the ride in the city. So now onwards don’t fear if you are riding alone in a lonely place in Uber.

In the past few years till date, Uber has spread its wings in the city. But some unfortunate complaints from the customers have forced Uber to initiate the step in the city. Check out how the new safety helpline works on the Uber app in Chandigarh below.

Uber Launches 24X7 Safety Helpline for Riders in Chandigarh

Cab aggregator Uber in Chandigarh has launched its 24X7 safety helpline for the riders. According to the official of Ubee, Chandigarh has been one of the biggest markets for the company and they are happy to start the new security service from here. Also with the starting of this service, Uber enables the riders to get in touch with the safety team whenever they need it. Be it day or night, Uber safety team will now be available to assist you on your one call.

After consistent customers feedback, Uber finally launched its safety helpline feature to make Uber experience for safer and comfortable for the rider in the city. With this new addition, Uber shows its commitment to keep people safe.

Here’s How the New Safety Helpline Work under Uber App in Chandigarh

As far as the working of new Uber safety is concerned, the safety helpline number for the rider will be available under the Uber app’s safety toolkit banner. Uber rider in the city first needs to contact the Uber to report any of the emergency and then tap on the shield icon. After that, the riders will have to tap safety helpline icon and swipe up to talk to Uber representative for the same.

A great step indeed by Uber in Chandigarh. For sure this will help the riders to avoid emergency situations during their rides.


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