This Chai Wali from Chandigarh is Making it Big in Australia

“Happiness is a cup of tea which brings a smile on my face. A perfect hug on a tiring day, all my plans are decided over a cup of tea. Helping getting rid of the morning blues, chai is like a therapy, the only thing I look forward to in the morning, every day. Not only it gets me moving but also calms my senses.”

And I hope this goes with everyone not just in Chandigarh but across the globe. Here’s a story of an enthusiastic girl who belongs to Chandigarh and is making it big in Australia by selling tea.

She is the Businesswoman of the Year

Recognized as Businesswoman of the Year at the 2016 Indian Australian Business and Community Awards (IABCA), Uppma Virdi who belongs to Chandigarh has mesmerised Australia with her tea making skills. Full bodied flavors in her blend which are perfectly balanced with fine black tea and authentic spices, she knows how to create a cup of pure indulgence. Popular as “Chai Walli”,

Popular as “Chai Walli”, Uppma, born in Chandigarh, is serving quality tea to those residing in Australia. A lawyer by profession, this Chandigarh girl loves to use traditional ways to make tea as taught by her grandfather.

How it all started!!

Uppma has always been in demand for brewing perfect cup of tea since her childhood. Granddaughter of a doctor who specialized in spices, she learnt how to get the perfect balance of spices and make a wonderful cup of tea. The only request her parents ever made was”please make some tea”. During her brother’s marriage, thousands of cups of tea were flying all across relieving the tension. Uppma feels tea is a way of bringing people together. In Austria, where she was completing her studies, Uppma used to make tea for everyone.

What Chai Walli has to offer?

Chai Walli carefully blends 11 of the finest quality natural and whole spices which are carefully paired with organic teas sourced directly from a family in the Assam Valley who have been growing organic teas for over 50 years.
Each spice in the offerings is added for its unique flavor profile and its known remedial benefits on mind, soul and body. All her blends are natural, sugar-free, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, ayurvedic and grown organically. Chai Walli offers perfectly balanced chai blends using her knowledge and creativity. Her list includes:

  • Organic Assam Tea
  • Chai
  • Chai Caffeine Free
  • Herbal Tea
  • Jaggery
  • Chai Pot
  • Kettles & Strainers
  • Chai Candles
  • Monsieur Truffe Chai Chocolate

Uppma wants to promote the unique preparations of Indian tea across the globe. She has started workshops for chai enthusiasts teaching them how to make a perfect cup of aromatic tea.

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