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Chandigarh has been one of the most active cities on Internet. Chandigarh is growing at a fast pace, be it in the field of education, entrepreneurship, food trends etc. City has seen maximum development in each and every area. In this era of technology, every brand needs an online presence. All the big corporate giants, startups as well as small enterprises, spend heavy budgets of their marketing into Digital Marketing. Online presence nowadays has become a compulsion as well as the need of the hour.

About 80% of Chandigarh youth spend their time online using different sites such as Flipkart, pay TM, amazon, facebook, Twitter, Quora etc.  More than 5 lakh people from Chandigarh are present on Facebook itself and it is one of the best performing cities . Chandigarhians are always passionate about new career opportunities so hereby,  Digital marketing is coming up as a new revolution and it can be helpful for entrepreneurs, startups founders, students and freelancers, housewives etc

Digital Marketing – A New Revolution

Internet has undoubtedly become a major part of our lifestyle and we can’t think of doing without it even for a day. It is quite evident that the number of internet users has increased by infinity. Mobile phones have replaced newspapers; everything has become handy. In this technology driven world, it’s important to be well equipped with the changing market trends and one should be trained enough to do things online. knowledge of digital marketing

Digital Marketing, a form of internet marketing that helps businesses market their products and services using digital technologies.  Digital Marketing, therefore, provides the businesses an access to the mass market at a reasonable price, unlike TV or print media. A cost efficient medium, online marketing strategies/campaigns are inexpensive techniques in comparison to other advertising channels such as radio, TV and more.

 Solution – RMS School, Chandigarh 

RMS School, a leading skill development center, has joined hands with Tata Institute of Social Sciences, a UGC recognised university with an aim to build Real Estate and Sale Skills in the youth of Chandigarh. RMS School in Sector 34, Chandigarh offers Chandigarh offers Post Graduate Programme in HR and Administration; Sales & Marketing and Certificate Course in Digital Marketing and Soft Skills. 2

With state of the art classrooms, fitted with latest gadgets; RMS School ensures no capable mind is left out.

RMS will provide you with more career choices and that means more money in your pockets. You can kick start your own career by joining RMS School.

RealPro Management & Skill School (RMS School) has a dedicated Career & Recruitment Management Services (CRMS) Team that facilitates sustainable placement for all its students.

Join/Apply Now:

Registration for Digital Marketing Course has already commenced. Details regarding registration process are available on the website.

RMS Chandigarh

Address: 215-16- 2nd Floor, Sector 34, Chandigarh, 160022

Mobile: 9988538977, 0172 4069475

E-Mail ID: tatainstitutechd@gmail.com


Opportunities in Chandigarh

Studying Digital Marketing provides unique competitive advantages mentioned below:

With Digital Marketing the most new in thing, Companies are looking for professionals who are well trained and understand the technicalities of the same.

  • More Career Choice – You can pick your own company because there are a plethora of businesses looking for Digital Marketing Professionals. Now, you will not have to be meager in your demands.
  • More Money – Corporate companies are ready to invest in an employee who is well trained in Digital Marketing thus proving an asset to the company.
  • You Can Kick Start Your Own Career – In conventional careers like advertising one has to wait for a prolonged period in order to get results. In Digital Marketing world, however, one is flooded with a zillion opportunities to kick start their own career.


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