6 Unique Things To Do This Holi in Chandigarh

Rang Barse Bheege Chunar wali rang Barse… Holi hai! This very line of the song infuses in the exuberance and liveliness of the festival Holi. The holi celebrated by Chandigarhians is one of the best and famous festivals across India which is known for its energy and high spirits. But this time, let’s think of some hatke holi ideas that will make it your best holi ever.

Well, here we bring to you 6 unique things to do this holi in Chandigarh that will make you stand out in the crowd of regulars. Keep reading….

Play Holi with flowers

The holi of Vrindavan and Mathura is famous worldwide for its unique celebration with flowers instead of colors. Taking their idea of non toxic and organic holi further, all you Chandigarhians, let’s try out this unique way of celebrating the festival of colors in the city and set a milestone for others across the nation.

Forget White, Wear Black

Remember, the Amitabh Bachhan and Rani Mukherjee starer movie ‘Black’ that conveys the message, Black is the purest color among all that doesn’t blends with any other. Well, we should take it as a Gospel’s Truth and wear black to play holi to season. Though we have always been inspired by the bollywood rendition of Holi where the hero and heroine are dancing in crisp white clothers with color blasts in the backdrop. Let’s break the monotony this year and take every splash of water color on your clothes like border pe khadhe huye sipahi. And trust me, you will thank me for advising this as you can wash these holi played clothes twice and thrice and tan tada! It’s ready to reuse

Play holi with humans, not with animals 

Though dogs are good friend of humans but they have equal rights to enjoy their own space. So, be a Good Samaritan this holi. Spare dogs, cats and cows and play colors with human as you can irritate animals with your notorious act and can get yourself whacked by them.

Make Rangoli

All of us have made or seen rangoli during Diwali or in Pongal as it is considered auspicios and marks the welcoming of happiness and prosperity to our cozy abode. Well, lets not restrict this colourful art to just Diwali only but lets spread the warmth of vibrant rangoli into our lives by adding a dash of uniqueness to the enthusiasm and gusto this Holi. Make rangoli on the entrance of your home or in your backyard and you will find yourself standing out from the crowd who do regular stuff every holi season. And by the way, we all love to be praised and appreciated.

Forget Balloons & Eggs, Use Tomatoes

I always hate when all of a sudden water color filled balloon hit me while I am going on the road as it scares the hell out of me. I think many of you will agree with me and sometimes it may hurt you hard if aimed on your ears, head of on your face. Same goes with the rotten eggs as they can make anyone pukish with thier fowl smell. By merely saying Bura na Mano Holi hai and take others for granted is a big NO..N.. Be generous to others. And if you still want to think out of the box this holi, then play safe and use tomatoes. Just like the Tomationa Festival shown in the film Zindagi na Milegi Dobara. The fun with tomatoes will be equivalent to balloons and eggs and you will not annoy anyone around on the festival. And to mention more, tomatoes are good for your skin and removes tanning.

Forget Beer, Drink Nariyal Pani

Daru and gedi is so very Chandigarhish that every now then people climb upon their cars and make a show for others on the road. Well, forget daru this time and enjoy your holi with nariyal pani. Nariyal pani will keep you hyderated and replenished on the day when you are so busy playing holi and forget having food and water. Also, this will help in the sales of the nariyal pani wala. Those who cannot do without liquor on holi, you can try gol guppa shots and refreshing cocktails made from nariyal pani.

Well, I think by now you are enriched with few unique ideas for playing holi this year. Then what are you waiting for? Make arrangements for your Hatke Holi and give others a surprise.

I hope, these unique ideas will help you to do something new this Holi season and experience the same fun without annoying and harming others. Do write to us if you have any other unique ideas to spread the festive fervor on the comment box below. Your ideas will be most welcomed by us.

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