742 Vehicles Challaned & 113 Impounded for Traffic Offence in Chandigarh on Holi

Chandigarh Traffic Police is known for its discipline all over India and in the festive day also they have challaned a lot of people in the city. On Holi, a total number of 742 people were challaned for the different offence in the city. Chandigarh Police was on high alert to avoid misbehaving of the hooligans with residents. Taking forward their duty to look upon any misdeeds in the city, they have even fined Rs. 2000 for drink and driving to some of the drivers in the city.

Nakas in Chandigarh on Holi

During festival also Chandigarh Police didn’t abandon any violators in the city. Almost 5400 vehicles were checked on the different nakas in the city on holi. And a huge number people were found violating rules in the city, but none of them got the courtesy from the Chandigarh Police.

  • A total of 25 nakas were put in different locations of the city by the cops.
  • The officials have seen the live telecast of the challans in the Police headquarters by the Divya Drishti Cameras.
  • A total of 5391 vehicles were checked during the holi.
  • Out 742 challans, 113 vehicles were impounded for drink & driving and miscellaneous offences.

Some special cameras were also installed at the dividing road of Sector 11 and 15, where 40 bikes were challaned for offences like triple riding, noise pollution and driving without a helmet in the city.

Action against the offenders

Last the numbers were higher than this, a total of 107 were challaned in 2016 during holi. And many were even sent to jail for a month for the various offence in the city. These numbers have come down to 90 this year in the city and fines were imposed on the offenders.

  • 42 licences were suspended for 3 months by the local court for drunken driving.
  • Fine of Rs. 2000 was also imposed on all the violators by the court.
  • Even many people were warned by the police.

Although this year no person was sent to jail for different offences, but the people were warned to not repeat it in future.

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