11 Colourful Pictures From Holi Celebrations @ PU, Chandigarh

The largest student den in Chandigarh – Panjab University is making news for grand Holi celebrations for 2017 in the city. The festival of colours is widely celebrated in Chandigarh and as we call Chandigarh a young city, it is the youngsters at PU that make some noise on Holi.

If you have never seen how Holi is celebrated at Chandigarh’s PU campus, then browsing through the images below will surely make you miss your life as a student. And if you are a student, these images will prove that Holi at PU Chandigarh is one of the best in North India.


A group of students at Stu-C.


Keechar is the trend this Holi.

Stu-C is the place to be!

Bura na mano…. Holi Hai!

Just in case, you need water, PU has this!

Cars & Bikes rule the roads at PU.

Music – Bluetooth speakers and songs from a phone. It’s party time.


Posing for photographs.


Not just hundreds, but students in thousands gather together to celebrate Holi at PU Chandigarh.

A view at Stu-C. Those standing above are the ones who act as spectators.


So, next time if someone asks you anything about Holi in Chandigarh – Say PU has the best holi.

Image Credits: Panjab University, Chandigarh

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