Air Quality in Chandigarh for 2017 is the Worst Ever Recorded & Here’s How It’s Affecting People

Shocking as it may sound but the fact is that the air quality in the city beautiful Chandigarh was recorded at its poorest ever.  As per the report, the air quality of Chandigarh was the poorest this Wednesday. One of the air monitoring stations in Chandigarh showed level of severe category. As per the most recent data accumulated by the Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee (CPCC), the 24-hour Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) level at the monitoring station in Industrial Area , Chandigarh was 375 on Wednesday which is recorded at the worst ever.

Air quality in Chandigarh the worst ever recorded

It is shocking that one of the greenest cities in the country, Chandigarh, recorded the worst ever air quality this week. It has been reported that smog over the Chandigarh region and the level of air quality has been recorded the poorest for the first time in the recent past. It is indeed shocking for the Chandigarh residents as the level of air quality was recorded at the worst ever. The AAQ (Ambient Air Quality) which is assessed from all the gases and pollutants in the air was recorded at 375 which was declared as worst ever air quality by the Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee (CPCC).

Respiratory system may get affected if… 

According to the Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee, if the AAQ level crosses 400, that has been recorded at 375 recently in Chandigarh, it can severely affect the respiratory systems. The polluted air will not only affect the elderly and kids but it can adversely affect the respiratory system of even the healthy youth.

It has been reported, that if the levels of AAQ are between 301 and 400, those having pulmonary or chronic respiratory ailments, there is risk that their condition may worsen.

Data shows worsening situation 

As per the report, the data, reveals that on the 1st of November, the PM10 (particles in air with diameter less than 10 mm) at the industrial area unit, was recorded at 190 µg/m3 (microgram per cubic meter). The figure of PM10 further increased to 213 µg/m3 on the 3rd of November and increased further to 261 µg/m3 on the 6th of November. On Wednesday the monitoring unit recorded the worst ever air quality in Chandigarh that shot to 375, the PM 10 increased to 357 µg/m3 while PM 2.5 shot t218 µg/m3.

As per the Met department, the smoggy conditions that has hit the city beautiful Chandigarh is likely to continue especially in the Mohali area with a visibility of less than 2 kilometres. It has been reported that the conditions can improve if the region sees a spell of rain.

Source: Indian Express

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