Chandigarh to go Bristol Way | The City Beautiful to Become Even More Beautiful

Chandigarh is not just called a city beautiful, but we all know that it actually is. The city’s greenery, planning and concern for the environment is what has made Chandigarh famous all over the world. One thing that keeps Chandigarh going as the best city of India is the innovation and proper consideration about the future.

The UT Administration has taken a step to make Chandigarh even more green and beautiful. Chandigarh will be adopting some innovative ways to do so from Bristol. If the name of this city is new to you then let us tell you that Bristal is a city in the United Kingdom and is known for being the greenest city in Europe.

Why Chandigarh Wants to be like Bristol:

Being the greenest city of Europe, Bristol is a well planned city. It lies in the South England region and has a population of roughly 4.4 lakhs. Chandigarh Administration has thus chosen Bristol to adopt the practices as it is the best city in the UK.

  • Bristol is UK’s Greenest City.
  • Has doubled the number of cyclists in the recent years.
  • Bristol has implemented a long-term commitment to improving the city environment.
  • The city has taken innovative steps to reduce pollution.

How will it be done?

As per the directions of UT Governor, V.P. Badnore, two officers went to visit Bristol for studying its plans and practices. Anurag Agrawal, Home Secretary cum Secretary of tourism and Jitender Yadav were the two officers who went to Bristol. Anurag Agrawal will be soon submitting a detailed report to the administrator about their visit. A briefing has already been done about the same.

Based on the report, a lot of key decisions will be taken to make Chandiagrh even more Beautiful. A lot of new things will be introduced and modified. Read on to know what will be there.

What’s gonna change in Chandigarh:

  • Cycle tracks- You all must have seen a cycle track at Sector-26 roundabout. So, on the same lines, more such tracks will be introduced. Chandigarh is directly and indirectly encouraging more use of cycles as is being done in Bristol.
  • Pollution- In the recent times, Chandigarh has seen an increase in the number of vehicles and hence the pollution levels have also scaled up. Steps may be taken on the lines of Bristol to curb down the pace of increasing pollution in the City Beautiful.
  • Green belts- Chandigarh has also recently seen and adopted the green culture. However new green belts are coming in and around the city which will add to the greenery and account for a cleaner Chandigarh.
  • Even More Beautiful- The city willl be beautified on an overall level.

Chandigarh is all set to introduce the international standards of city beautification and greenery. Thanks to Bristol for showing us the way!


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