Chandigarh Gets its First Cycle Friendly Roundabout With Red Coloured Tracks

India’s first planned city, Chandigarh has got its first cycle-friendly roundabout in Sector 26 ready for public use. Successfully completed by the Engineering Dept., the project was conceptualised by Finance Secretary Sarvjit Singh who wanted Sector 26 roundabout to be the pilot model. This 1.5 kms cycle track starting from Sector 26 Grain Market roundabout to Transport Light Point in Sector 26 will prove beneficial for all the commuters travelling in Chandigarh. Designed to encourage bicycling, it will help in easing automobile congestion and will reduce the overall tension for users.

Cycle Track at Sector 26 Roundabout

As a part of the Intelligent Traffic and Safety Management System, the aim of the project is to provide different routes to the cyclists in order to make it easier for them to travel and keep away from traffic. Now they will not have to cross the roundabout with other vehicles.

The cycle track has been laid at the level of the road and the pedestrian path has also been provided separately. Different colors have been used to differentiate the paver block so that commuters would know that the paver blocks are meant for the cycle track.

A cyclist will now have to cycle on red coloured path while crossing a roundabout and no other vehicle will be allowed to drive into the red coloured paver blocks.

How Cycle Tracks on Roundabouts will Help Chandigarh

  • Curtailing the number of accidents involving cycles and rickshaws as there are no separate paths for them at the roundabout.
  • Improving efficiency of bus transport vehicles and will enhance the capacity of the corridor.
  • Curbing fatalities substantially and will also notice notable decrease in pollution.
  • Managing travel time as the cyclists will not have to cross the lights along the other commuters.
  • Reducing the rush of motorised vehicles.
  • Bringing down accidents.

Similar Cycle Tracks on Major roundabouts:

The cycle track on Sector 26 roundabout has been developed as a part of pilot project. The Department of Architecture has already submitted the illustrations of cycle tracks for all major roads that include major roundabouts on Madhya Marg, Jan Marg, Dakshin Marg Vigyan Path and Udyog Path.

Image for representational purpose only. To have a look at the real thing, please drive down to Sector 26, Chandigarh.

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