A Car Hits Chandigarh Traffic Police Official on Duty & Simply Sped Away

Another hit and run case in Chandigarh that too with a Police official. It seems that despite strict and heavy fines, the people of Chandigarh are driving rashly and are not following the traffic rules.

Traffic Policeman Injured In Hit And Run Case

A traffic policeman of the UT Police got injured in a hit and run case. The driver of a speeding car had jumped the traffic lights and ran away hitting the traffic policeman at the Transport light point in Sector 26 Chandigarh.

As per the sources, the driver of the car was coming from the grain market side, Sector 26 Chandigarh. Constable Jai Parkash, the victim was on his duty when a speeding car hit him on Saturday. The car was coming from the Grain Market side and sped away towards the Railway light point.

However, the police failed in noting down the speeding car’s registration number. A case has been registered by the Chandigarh Police under the sections 279 (rash driving) and section 337 (causing hurt by act endangering life) of the IPC.

Naresh Kumar, The Head Constable was on duty at the Transport light point and immediately rushed Constable Jai Parkash, the victim to PGI in a private vehicle. 

Jai Parkash suffered injuries on his chest and head. As per sources, Jai Parkash’s condition is said to be stable.

Hit And Run Cases In Chandigarh

The number of hit and run cases that happen in Chandigarh is horrifying. The numbers point to an idea that Chandigarh police is not concerned about the hit and run cases happening in the city. As per a report, about 353 hit and run cases in Chandigarh are untraced from 2012 to 2016. The number of hit and cases happened in Chandigarh:

  • 145 accidents were fatal out of 426 accidents while rest of the 281 were non-fatal. Chandigarh was also unable to trace a lot of accused vehicle drivers.
  • Out of 416 accidents happened in 2015, 128 unknown people have been booked by the Chandigarh police.
  • Section 31 Chandigarh has the most number of untraced cases in four years – 43.
  • 24 hit and run cases have been booked at the Sector 17 Chandigarh police station and not even a single case has been traced by the police.
  • 2 hit and run cases were registered at Sector 49 Chandigarh police station.
  • Industrial Area police station witnessed 33 hit and run cases and 20 people died.

It’s high time the Chandigarh Administration should come up with more safety measures in order to ensure road safety of everyone on the road.

Source: The Tribune, Daily Post

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