Cars & SUVs turn Mini-bars in Chandigarh & Mohali

Supreme Court bans the serving of liquor in 500 metres of State and National Highways. That have not only affected the sales of the Restaurants/hotels or bar but has also been a ‘Grahan’ in the wedding celebration.

Following the order of the SC, all the palace that fall under 500 metre from National and State Highway have also stopped serving liquor. But no wedding celebration is complete without liquor in Punjab. And for the same people have found the alternative to deal with this and has made a mini bar in their Cars and SUVs.

During wedding ceremony on Saturday, many people were observed drinking liquor in their Cars and SUVs nearby marriage palace.

When it comes to liquor – we are ‘Jugadi’

Any celebration of Punjabi is incomplete with a liquor because it gives them more happiness. Each and every marriage halls and palaces that come under 500 metre of National and State highways refused to serve liquor, then most of the people turned their SUVs into mini bar and enjoyed the wedding without any interruption.

No one can stop Punjabis for drinking because they are ‘Jugadi’ and can search on the alternate to consume liquor in all the celebration. Be it national highway or state highway, when it comes to liquor they don’t see places, they just enjoy the moment.

And the effect on marriage halls

As per the order passed by the SC, a total of 21 marriage palaces in Mohali city have been deprived of serving liquor that also includes palaces located Kharar-Landran and the Landran- Chunni roads. A wedding is nothing without liquor as far as Punjab is concerned. Even the scenario is that the people who have done the pre-booking of the halls are now cancelling the same because of the same reasons that have affected the business of the palaces very hard. Members of the association are planning to meet concerned authorities to plan out something to get rid of this.

With just one decision of the Supreme Court each and every corner of the India has been shaken, but for the well-being, this is one of the good decision but at least there should be some liberality during wedding and family celebration.

Source: The Tribune

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