Chandigarh to Delhi in 2 Hours | Hi-Speed Trains are Coming

Travelling between Chandigarh & Delhi on a train will now just take 2 hours. Thanks to high speed trains that will make a debut on Chandigarh – Delhi track soon. This was announced by Suresh Prabhu, railway minister of India, who was in Chandigarh to inaugurate 8 new railway projects.

As of now, the fastest train between Chandigarh & Delhi is the Shatabdi Express which takes 3 hours and 25 minutes to complete the journey. If everything goes according to the plan, the same journey between Chandigarh & Delhi will be completed in just 2 hours. This would be done by upgrading the track between Chandigarh & Delhi to a high speed track and the work is already in progress.

The first announcement of a high speed train between Chandigarh & Delhi came out in the year 2015. France prime minister also announced that France would help Northern Railways in the feasibility study for upgrading Chandigarh – New Delhi rail track. After the feasibility study, the work has already begun and even doubling of rail line has been planned from Chandigarh to Ambala. As of now there is a single railway line between the 2 stations.

If we talk about the speed, then Shatabdi Express has got an operating speed of 140 Km/Hr which gives it an average speed of about 80 Km/Hr. If all plans fall in place then the operating speed is said to increase to 160 Km/Hr which will help complete Chandigarh to New Delhi rail journey in just 2 hours. The average speed in this case will be 100 Km/Hr. Technically, these trains fall in the semi high-speed category.

New coaches will specially be made at Kapurthala Coach Factory with an ability to clock a high speed upto 200 Km/Hr.

With these high speed trains between Chandigarh & New Delhi, it would become easy for people to travel between these two cities.


Ajay Deep

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