Chandigarh E-Sampark Centers Not To Accept Cash Over Rs. 2000 | Read More for Additional Charges

To promote digital payments and to give a push to cashless transactions in the city beautiful – Chandigarh, the Chandigarh administration has decided to stop accepting cash payments above Rs 2000 from next month. It was reported by Times of India that cash payments of more than Rs 2000 will not be accepted at any of the e-sampark centres in Chandigarh. The e-sampark centres in Chandigarh will stop accepting any cash payments from August, 2017 onward that are more than Rs 2000.

Transaction fee & GST on online payments E-Sampark (Chandigarh)

It was also reported that those opting for online payments will have to bear the tax and other fees on their payments. The Chandigarh residents will have to shell out more from their pockets for making payments above Rs 2000. Transaction fee and goods and service tax (GST) at 18% will be added to the online payments which is certainly going to add to the woes of the Chandigarh residents and will also add to the monthly budget of the middle-class families. With withdrawal limit from ATMs, limit on free transactions, weekly limit on withdrawal from bank accounts, this step is undeniably going to add to the sufferings of the common man.

How to make payments above Rs 2000?

With fee and GST levied on online payments, the residents are in a fix on how to make the payments at e-sampark centres in Chandigarh for bills above Rs 2000. What further adds to this point of concern is that there will be no ease for payments made online via internet banking or through plastic money. One will have stand in long queues to make the payments which will not at all be of any use because of the additional burden of the transaction fee on the payment. Making payments through demand drafts and even cheques can save a few pennies as there are no additional charges for the same. Paying directly at the e-sampark centers can save 18 per cent service tax under the GST on online payments. Though payments above Rs 2000 can be made through debit  and credit cards at the e-sampark centers but the administration will not waive off transaction charges on payment made directly thorough debit or credit cards at the e-sampark centres in Chandigarh. It has also been reported that the administration is trying different ways to come up with a solution to waive of transaction fee on online payments.

Additional charges for Online payments at e-sampark centers Chandigarh

Charges on Internet Banking – Rs 10/- per transaction  (For PNB Internet Banking users no transaction charges will be levied.)

Charges on Debit Card – @0.75 per cent for payments up to Rs.2000/-  and @1 per cent for payments above Rs.2000/-

Charges on Credit Card – @1 per cent of the transaction amount

18 per cent Service Tax Under GST will be Charged only on Online Transaction Charges

Source: Times of India

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