Chandigarh Housing Board Building Houses In Kasauli and Kandaghat In Himachal Pradesh

Chandigarh Housing Board is ready to take you to the hills permanently this time around as it has announced that it is working on flats and villas in the cities of Kasauli and Kandaghat. If you are familiar with the fact that a non resident of Himachal Pradesh cannot buy land there, the CHB project might make that happen for Chandigarh residents.

What is the Chandigarh Housing Board’s Kasauli and Kandaghat project about?

The CHB plans to work with private builders of Himachal Pradesh and has already identified a 12 acre piece of land in the town of Kasauli which is a two-hour drive from Chandigarh. The identified land is near the Snawar Public School and was selected due to the comparative plain area it has. In Kandaghat however, the CHB is still to decide between three possible sites and finalise the deal.

According to reports the Chandigarh Housing Board will not pay the private builders for the piece of land there but instead make investment on the construction of flats and villas. The profit generated will be them shared with the private builders of Kasauli and Kandaghat. The Kasauli project of the Chandigarh Housing Board consists of the construction of 500 apartments in total which will have all 1-BHK, 2-BHK, and 3-BHK categories. In addition to this fully fledged villas are also a part of the plan. The Kandaghat project is larger in terms of size and the CHB will build 1000 apartments there along with a few huge bungalows.

Expect the price of these Chandigarh Housing Board apartments to burn a hole in your pockets

If the sources are to be believed then the prices of these Kasauli and Kandaghat projects will be nowhere near affordable and CHB is planning to burn a hole in your pockets. Chandigarh Housing Board is certain that the projects in Himachal Pradesh will be huge hits since the people will be confident in putting their money into trusted hands.

There have been reports in the past of fraud dealers promising people apartments in Himachal Pradesh. The Chandigarh Housing Board ensures that the possession of the apartments will be given along with complete set of papers by the Himachal Pradesh Government.

Source: TimesOfIndia

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