Chandigarh to Soon Become a Hub of Vintage Cars

The City beautiful Chandigarh is one of the most planned city in India which came up after India’s independence. People around the world know Chandigarh for its architecture and urban design but now Chandigarh will soon be known for a new identity. This identity that will define Chandigarh will be a “Vintage Car rally’. If everything goes according to the plan, then Chandigarh would soon be known as a hub of vintage cars.

A mega rally of Vintage cars has been planned in Chandigarh and our own Administrator is the man behind the idea. Planning for this grand Vintage car rally in Chandigarh has already been started. Along with this mega rally, vintage car owners not just in Chandigarh but from across India might soon get a dedicated place in Chandigarh to showcase their beautiful old cars.

Vintage Cars in Chandigarh & What you might get to see

You might have heard that ‘Old is Gold’. It is a true saying, because to whatever extend you advance in life, the vintage things will always have a capability to attract you. The mega rally in Chandigarh might give you a glimpse of Vintage cars like – 1952 Plymouth, 1932 ford, 1958 Hindustan, 1932 Chevrolet, 1948 Austin Somerset, 1950 Morris, 1916 Swift and many more.

The city already has a vintage car club and a lot of people in Chandigarh are proud owners of some excellent vintage cars. These cars are displayed in Chandigarh on select occasions. One such occasion is Chandigarh Carnival.

Why Chandigarh?

Though Chandigarh is a newly built city and is one of the most modern city of India, people here are a great lover of old things. Be it an old architect, jewellery or vintage cars. Talking about the vintage cars, Chandigarh has experienced number of vintage car rallies in the past. All these rallies mostly included the local vintage car owners. But, this time the rally has been planned out to be a big one. It will involve the participation of vintage car lovers from other Indian states as well.

This mega vintage car rally will be held every year and it is expected to attract a lot of tourists to the city as Chandigarh would become a hub of such events related to vintage cars.


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