Chandigarh to Leh Road Journey to get Shorter by 3 hours

When was the last time you made plans of reaching Leh on your vehicle with your gang by your side while your favorite song being played in the backdrop. The Chandigarh-Manali highway has always been a route for travelers, wanderers and vagabonds. A backpack, a bike and there you go! The way ahead is long and rocky. Who cares?

But, now there is some really good news for travelers like you. One of the most favorite route of road trippers, the Chandigarh-Leh Highway is going to get shrinked. Now, your journey may take you some 3 hours less. And all this is going to come up very soon.

As all the trippers do know, the whole route is comprised of two sections:

1. Chandigarh-Manali (310 kms) and

2. Manali- Leh (456 kms).

Yes, there is another way by which you can reach Leh but this is the most traveled and loved route by people who travel from Chandigarh. If you have ever dreamed about going to Leh-Ladakh by road from Chandigarh, then this news will surely make you happy.

The government is coming up with about 5 tunnels on the Chandigarh РManali Highway which will shorten the route by a stretch of 30 Kilometers. At the same time, a total of 9 tunnels are proposed on the Manali-Leh highway as well. The work on these tunnels has already started and all tunnels are expected to be complete within 3 years.

Just imagine going through so many tunnels on your bike or in your car. It would be a new experience. And yes, these tunnels will also be a photography stop for many.

While the Chandigarh-Manali highway falls under National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), Manali- Leh falls under Border Road Organisation (BRO). So, you see it will be a collective effort.

Going by the numbers, about 200,000 tourists visited Leh in 2015 and the statistics are rising year by year. Leh is also a favorite destination of movie makers. Many a albums and movies have been shot here. This plan of government is surely going to fetch it much revenue and give this tourist destination a big boost. And not to forget the area is of strategic importance to the security forces as well, considering it borders China.

What can be a more better gift to travelers than making the way to Leh and Manali, a little less exhausting while saving time on the trip.

So, Chandigarh people, get ready with your backpacks! Lets go Leh!

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