Chandigarh To Be Made A Malaria-Free City By 2018

Chandigarh is all set to become a Malaria-Free city by 2018. The UT health department has set a new target to eliminate malaria from the city beautiful by the year 2018.

Chandigarh – Malaria-Free City

The UT health department has set a new target and to achieve their target they will be adopting strict challan fee. The UT health department officials will be revising the by-laws related to the vector-borne diseases which were formulated in 2006 and further amended in 2014.

UT health department’s anti-malaria officer said that they are planning to amend the rules for preventing and controlling malaria, Japanese encephalitis and dengue in the city. He said that meetings are being conducted for the same and their motive is to make the by-laws more strict. The challan fee for the defaulters is all set to increase as the present challan fee is only Rs. 500.

Increased Fines And Strict Action Against The Defaulters

UT health department’s anti-malaria officer said that there will be an increase in the fines and also a strict action will be taken against the defaulters. However, the amount of the fine has not been decided as of now but the penalty is expected to increase by June this year.

The UT health department will also be taking a strict action against all the defaulters in the city and will also seal all the places in the city where mosquito breeding is found positive.

UT Health Department Will Be Sealing The Mosquito Breeding Sites

The anti-malaria officer said that 3435 defaulters have issued notices last year out of which 15 were issued show-cause notices and just 58 defaulters were issued challans. He said that number of challans will be issued to the defaulters this year.

The UT health department had identified around 651 mosquito breeding sites in the city last year. Out of the 651 mosquito breeding sites, the department sealed 300 of them. The anti-malaria officer said that they will be identifying more mosquito breeding sites and will seal all of them.

9779-558-282 is the helpline number where people can complain about the mosquito breeding spots. They can also know about the disease and its symptoms by calling at this helpline.

Source: Hindustan Times

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