Chandigarh | Sterilised Stray Dogs May Get Reflective Collars

In Chandigarh, the stray dog problem has been increasing day by day which as a result is raising the number of dog bite cases. The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation has failed to solve the stray dog problem in the city due to which a lot of people in the city have become the victims of dog bite cases.

But, according to a plan, authorities in Cahndigarh might have a collar for every stray dog in the city. This will be an indication that the dog has been sterlized.

Reflective Collars For Stray Dogs

A two-member committee of the Municipal Committee has decided to start a sterilisation program for the stray dogs. They have recommended that the stray dogs should have reflective collars and also recommended a joint sterilisation by the Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali MCs.

Rajesh Kalia, BJP Councillor and Daleep Sharma, Independent Councillor are a part of the committee.

Rajesh Kalia said that at present the sterilised dogs are differentiated from the other stray dogs by making a cut on an ear of all the sterilised dogs. He said that the sterilised dogs should have a reflective collar instead of a cut on the ear as this would make the residents differentiate easily.

The Stray Dogs Problem Is Becoming A Serious Issue

Rajesh Kalia, BJP councillor said that there are around 15-20 stray dogs in his locality. He said that it is very difficult to differentiate between sterilised and stray dogs.

Daleep Sharma, Independent councillor said that a joint sterilisation drive by the Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula MCs was recommended by the committee in order to make it more effective. He said that the committee will be placing these recommendations to curb dog bites in the city before the MC house on April 28, 2017.

More Dog Bite Cases In Panchkula And Mohali

Mohali has registered the most dog bite cases. As per sources, there were four more dog cases registered in Panchkula at the Civil Hospital, Sector 6 Panchkula.

Mohali also registered two more dog bite cases at the Civil Hospital. Harpreet Singh, a 22-year-old man came to the hospital from Matour Village as he was bitten by a dog. Vivek Kumar, a nine-year-old boy and a resident of Adarsh Colony Phase II also became a victim of dog bite as he was bitten by a stray dog.

Source: The Tribune

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