Chandigarh to Get New 90 Km Cycling Tracks All over the City

If you are Chandigarhian and a cycling enthusiast, this will definitely make you happy. This winters, you may get a chance to take out your cycling kit as the cycling tracks will be covering whole Chandigarh. The MTB trend has already hit the city beautiful, there a lot of cycling groups where people gather and cover large distances on their MTBs.

Its a good news for all of them as the cycling tracks will be covering the entire length and breadth of the city beautiful. The UT chief engineer said that this move will make Chandigarh 100% cyclist friendly. A lot of cyclists hesitate to ride their bikes on the main road due to safety issues but these cycling tracks which will cover entire Chandigarh will help them have a safe ride.

Cycling Tracks To Cover Entire Chandigarh 

Chandigarh administration’s engineering wing has started the first phase of their project. The first phase of the project is to lay 90 km of new cycling tracks which will cover the entire city. The Chandigarh Administration has planned that there will be cycling tracks on 36 traffic junctions which include traffic lights and roundabouts in Chandigarh.

This move by the Chandigarh Administration has been initiated so that the cyclists don’t face any problem while riding. The city has approx 82 km of cycling tracks. The cyclists have to go back on the main road at the traffic lights as they are not connected with the roundabouts. The present cycling tracks in the city end with a diversion or a warning and the cyclists have to go to the main road.

After the 90 km, cycling tracks project is finished, Chandigarh will be having 172 km of cycling tracks.

Highlights of The Upcoming Cycling Track Project

The total cost of the cycling tracks project in Chandigarh will be around Rs. 25 crores. UT chief engineer said that they will be spending 12 crores in the first phase and the project will hopefully finish by December this year. The laying of cycling tracks will be carried out under the “Smart City Project”. The places where the new cycling tracks will be constructed:

  • Purv Marg
  • Vikas Path
  • Jan Marg
  • Madhya Marg

The existing 82 km cycling tracks also needs repairmen and maintenance. These tracks will also be repaired in the project so that no additional money is spent later. The project has been started and a cycling track has already been connected with the junctions at Sector 26-27 Chandigarh roundabout.

Source: The Times Of India

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