Chandigarh Gets a White Coloured Electric Bus & It’s on Trial Run For 15 Days

Chandigarh’s Smart City project reaches Chandigarh Transport Undertaking i.e. CTU which has introduced a trial run for an electric bus in the city to ply on the local routes within the Chandigarh city. CTU had its first electric bus which had run on a trial basis in the Chandigarh city yesterday with its 26 passenger seating capacity with not even a single passenger in it. The UT Administration has decided to go forth with the added aspect of making the Smart City Project in Chandigarh even Smarter as it takes CTU services into consideration in order to reduce vehicular pollution levels by manifold.

About the CTU Electric Bus Project

Chandigarh Administration leaves no stone un-turned when it decides onto something. When it comes to Chandigarh as a city, the developmental plans seem quite synonymous to the city beautiful which shall stay beautiful as per the vision of our first Prime Minister 0f India, Sh. Jawahar Lal Nehru. Chandigarh Administartion’s decision to ply Electric Bus instead of normal diesel run bus by CTU is a move welcomed by one and all. Winning the hearts of city residents who strive forth to maintain the clean and green city, the electric bus is already a huge talk of the town since its first run that plied on a fixed route from PGI to IT park and back.

Chandigarh Electric Bus Project: Highlights

The salient features of the Electric Bus Project in the city beautiful Chandigarh is a great initiative taken up by the authorities. Well, let us take a look at the salient key features of the Electric Bus employed by CTU authorities and Chandigarh Administration.

  • Green Initiative taken up by UT Administration under Chandigarh Smart City Project
  • The electric bus still under proposal, 15-day trial run to decide its confirmation
  • The electric bus covered 143 km in 7 hours duration
  • UT Officials to keep a tab on the efficiency and working of the Electric Bus in Chandigarh
  • The CTU electric bus in Chandigarh to have a 26 passenger seating capacity
  • The cost of one electric bus-borne by CTU is 1.5 cr out of which battery engine costs INR 90 lacs
  • A detailed report to be filed by the UT officials on the basis of their judgement on the 15-day run basis
  • CTU to get quotations from different manufacturers to have better deals for cost effectiveness
  • The cost of operation to be lesser in amount than the normal bus that ply on the routes now
  • Bus to have CCTV camera in it for security reasons and constant surveillance
  • Features like public address system and fire-fighting systems for higher level of security

Electric Bus Project in Chandigarh, A Boon

Whenever a major project in an administration goes viral, the cost to benefit ratio in most of the technical terms is a major part of the feasibility studies that involve large amounts of calculations and studies required which needs to be in permissible limits before a nod of affirmation is set out to the authorities to go forth with the project.

Offering good amount of subsidies, Centre is all set to subsidise the cost of zero-emission norms retrofitted electric bus if plied on the routes as defined. Well, thumbs up for the initiatives taken up by the government in adopting eco-friendly practices in the Chandigarh city and hats-off to the efforts put in by our officials serving the society to keep Chandigarh, the city beautiful indeed beautiful !!!

Source: HT

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